Open House Party in The Cove!

oh goodness..Cyranny is having a party…no, it isn’t new years again…we’re just acting as if it were!

Cyranny's Cove

Yes Ma’am and yes Sir! With an exclamation point, nothing less!

I was thinking of a way to shake the last of today’s annoyances away, and get my usual Cyranny mojo back… And I told myself, what better way to get in a good mood, than to open The Cove’s door to everybody, set some extra chairs, make the best of the remaining Christmas lights, and throw a party? It is Saturday night by all means!

Hey! You can wear your fanciest glitter-dress, or just rock your comfiest pjs, no one will mind! So what do you say? Let’s do this!


I won’t keep rambling on here, I’m saving my energy for the mingling below! So here are the “rules”… Or so to speak;

  1. Introduce yourself and your blog a little, for people who wouldn’t know you already.
  2. Share links to your blog, and/or to friends of yours in the…

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1 thought on “Open House Party in The Cove!

  1. Thank you for the reblog, Suze 🙂 I’m just chilling, getting the day started, but I am planning on giving this party another good round before the weekend is over, I hope you’ll be around 🙂 We even have a dj this time! LOL


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