The Big K

The Big K is how I was first introduced to Kmart….yep, a big store is what this blog is about.

K-mart is wonderful…low prices, tons of camping supplies and gear, clothing, a pharmacy inside the store, some groceries…it was wally world before wally decided he needed a world.

I grew up with Big K…same company, just back in the Nicene era.

Daddy would take us on a Saturday morning to go find something special…and we always found something.

When I was in Jr. High School, Big K changed to K-Mart…everything else was the same.

Then a year or so after that Walmart showed up and started taking away the customers of K-Mart…Wally world’s prices were just a little lower.  of course, Wally had just ONE full-timer working the store and everyone else got 25 hours a week or less. that’s how they could lower their prices.

Today, I found out my local K-Mart is closing….while yet another wally world is opening nearby.

I am NOT happy about it either.



4 thoughts on “The Big K

  1. Aaaaah…that IS sad. The end of an era. I know how you feel. There’s a K Mart not far from my home and I love wandering around in that store.

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    1. When we first moved to Oklahoma to start over we furnished the house with things from Kmart…and the cashiers remember us by name. NO ONE in wally world even LOOKS at their customers.


  2. It’s a shame how many old store stand-bys are closing. Our Kmart closed sometime last year.

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