a forlorn hope

forlorn     I was reading several commentaries on posts written by a group of people who share the same Religious ideology and thought to myself they were in fact displaying the very actions and characteristics they were complaining loudly about on a different ideological site.

Loud and angry voices proclaiming each was wrong…each was evil…each was deluded or mentally ill…each was doomed to failure in the inevitable end.

And I wondered why is it so impossible to discuss differences without all the name calling?

I look at some of the people I follow..a devout Catholic,  atheists, a devout Baptist,  agnostics, a fallen by the wayside (her words not mine) Lutheran, Muslims, Daoists, Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans, Pagans……….people from all kinds of backgrounds and people of opposite religious beliefs…..shouldn’t we all be arguing with each other and calling each other horrible names?  What is wrong with us that we are determined to keep our discussions civil?

We speak our minds and hearts, and we try to learn and understand. We question, not berate. We discuss, not argue. We learn. Some grow stronger in their faith. Some struggle, some become stronger. We support each other.

This little blog of mine, a tiny microcosm of the entire bloggosphere is hopefully a place where discussion occurs. It has, several times, become a virulent place full of fussing, fuming and fighting over semantics. SEMANTICS…NOT PEOPLE. Hopefully, never about people.

I know several blogs whereby the admins seem to take great delight in showing others how smart, how wonderful, how very dedicated to their beliefs they are yet in order to do so must attempt the personal and emotional destruction of those who differ. They take the moral high ground..casting their faith at people like weapons. There are also those of no faith, no religion, no ideology that delight in dehumanizing those of faith.

It is quite disheartening to those of us who wish to discuss, to learn about other’s beliefs, to understand that which we have not been educated about or been absolutely lied to about. How are we ever to learn about the very world we live in if all we can do is attack instead of listen?

I wonder, can these other people hear what they are saying?  Can they read their own words and SEE the misery they are heaping upon others heads? How can someone so entrenched in their belief system ever learn anything positive about another’s beliefs? I don’t think they can.

But, in a forlorn hope, I keep going back to these blogs…I keep trying to read between the vitriolic lines to find the good, the positive, the empathy.

I wonder if I will ever find it?

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