Liebster Award 2018

Wow….just wow. What a way to start out the year! Thank you so much to the lovely lady at What if we all cared   for the nomination!

The Liebster Award

Okay, as with all blog awards there are rules.  I have seen several versions of the Liebster Award Rules, but I think these are the best. Why, you ask?  Because I can actually follow through on them! So, here we go!


  • Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you, link their blog. Include award graphic.
  • Answer the questions provided.
  • Make a new set of 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate 5-10 recently followed bloggers and share your post with them so they see it.

These are the questions from my nominator (sounds like the terminator! woot! sorry, attempting to focus again)

1) What is your first memory of writing? 4th grade when I finally learned what I was doing. I have dyslexia/dysgraphia so it was a huge challenge to learn reading and writing. The first thing I managed on my own was a rather dirty (for a kid) limerick.

There was a girl named Suze,

whose pet pig loved to drink booze,

the pig got so drunk

he stunk like a skunk

and Suze got mud on her squooze. (no, I have no idea what squooze is actually)

2) What is your favorite writing style?  umm, style?  I have a style?  Okay…think Erma Bombeck, Charlie Brown, Dr Who, and Bob all rolled into one with a bad and/or snarky attitude.  Who is Bob? I dunno…

3) Do you write in only one color or use many colors?   Colors?  Do I write in colors? I like colours actually. 

4) Who has inspired you to write? How?  I write so my kids are embarrassed…or so they have a semi-lucid record of my life. I want them to know who I was when I am gone…and what better way than to announce it loudly to all their friends and frienemies?

5) What is your favorite medium for your writing? When did you realize this?  uh oh….medium for writing.  Okay, I admit I had a lot of help getting through english comp in college….i don’t remember any of it except feeling incredibly stupid………..medium? OH WAIT! Can I substitute “genre” instead? I got that one. PROSE or stupid limericks

6) What book have you read more than twice? What keeps bringing you back for more? Madame Bovary’s Lover………War and Peace…Great Expectations……and Sigil (a book by fellow blogger Aidan J Reid)  ummmmmmm…..I like them.

7) Where do you do the most writing? Is there a certain feel to that place?  My front room. I have a computer desk in George’s toy/model room. I have to duck under the “flying” airplane models and step over model boxes, but it is the only room in the house with a computer desk I can use. It feels awful, cramped and like I am living during the battle of Britain! All these danged WWII planes overhead! that is why I need donations to give me money for electrical work….see Shove George in a shed Campaign

8) If you could have unlimited traffic yet write about anything at all, what would you concentrate on? Travel…my friends…nothing at all. I tend to babble. sometimes it actually works and I get a great post out of it. Most of the time I simply sound a bit “off”.

9) What would be the toughest topic for you to write about?  I already have. I was raped, and sexually assaulted by a minister. MY minister.  MY YOUTH MINISTER…who got away with it. Or I’d write (yet again) about my narcissistic mother.

10) Have you ever thought of walking away and taking a lifelong journey around the globe while you write about your adventures? Not anymore. I used to wish for unlimited funds so I could see the world. I have been blessed to be able to visit several countries, and those memories have to be enough.


well, darn…now I have to think up questions and force…ummm……NOMINATE people.

since I have already hit 666 words, I am breaking all the rules again. Use the same questions I answered, and if you would like this award…it is YOURS. Yep, I nominate YOU….my readers! Enjoy!

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  1. Congrats! Very well deserved

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  2. Congratulations on the award! I liked reading your answers, and the limerick was great (and funny) 🙂

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