This is just Brilliant!

There is one thing I almost never do…not that it is reprehensible or outrageous or even illegal but because it bores me…..

and that is to write a book review.

BUT, I have written several for fellow bloggers whose books I have read and enjoyed.  I refuse to pan one online, so if I hated it or was bored by it, I simply would keep my mouth shut.

I have written a review or several for Aidan J Reid, a fellow blogger.  He writes sort of science fiction/humor/mystery/murder stuff.  Go check out his website and you can see the various books he has published. They are all terrific.

It was through a blog post on Aidan’s site that I came across another author/blogger……Graham Johns.  His book sounded interesting so I popped on over to Amazon where he was selling it and lo and behold it was on a sale! Yes, I bought it. And read it……..and read it again……….and then again!

Yes, it is one of those books. You can read it over and over again, picking up “new” details each read and think “how did I miss that?” or “that was so damned funny!”.


Graham’s book, Baabaric: Yorkshire Must Fall. There is a rather terrifying looking ewe on the front cover, just so you know it is the correct book. Yes, my dears, SHEEP are involved…so are robots, crazy people, a rude parrot and Lancashire-ians!

It is absolutely BRILLIANT!  It is so brill, as a matter of fact, that I am posting a review on Amazon. I’ve only ever done that for TWO authors…AIDAN being the recipient of most of them. This is a BIG DEAL, people. I just don’t do this sort of thing.

Go get yourself a copy of Graham’s book. You won’t be sorry!

3 thoughts on “This is just Brilliant!

  1. Small world. I follow Aidan’s blog and his work. The last novel I read was “Sigil.” I’ll have to give this tale a whirl. Thanks.

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    1. so happy to have steered you towards another author. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

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