Death to Routine

Absolutely inspiring!

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“Habitualization devours works, clothes, furniture, one’s wife, and the fear of war. ‘If the whole complex lives of many people go on unconsciously, then such lives are as if they had never been.’ And art exists that one may recover the sensation of life; it exists to make one feel things, to make the stone stony.”
– Victor Shklovsky, Art as Technique (1917)

Art, specifically literature, has always had a profound ability to pull me out of myself. Whatever the headspace I am in, I can always turn to words to fill me up. It serves as my fuel.

I was struck by what Shklovsky says here; it was as if his words punched me in the gut and stopped me in my tracks. It was impossible to ignore in that moment how devoured I was by the monotony of my life and how apathetic it made me. That is not…

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1 thought on “Death to Routine

  1. I love this quote–thank you for sharing it. I am listening today to David Bowie in memoriam, and I find that these days I LOVE hearing work of his, or of others, which I have never heard before or had maybe dismissed as not being what I ‘liked’ when I first heard it. My self/brain/whatever seems much more intersted in hearing what others have done and having no preconceived notion of it at all. It struck me so clearly that art is primarily about the artist, and about the art expressing itself, and not so much at all about ‘me’ and if I like it–sometimes that seems to get lost, or used to with me anyhow.

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