Maybe not the best, but they got the most response

Cyranny requested we look through our own postings and list a few of the “best”.  We are so all busy we can’t take the time to read them all and sometimes the best ones just slip past us.

So, here ya go sweetie! They may not be the best, they may not even be well written…but for some godawful reason got the most responses from all the other blather I have sent out into the bloggosphere!

I was reading Danny’s post

I decided to punish WordPress today

Let’s Shove George in a Shed 

It’s my fault

I’m banned again

Hopefully this works

I am a Fraud


Ok, Cyranny…the “best”…actually they had a lot of comments and were the first one’s I saw. Dunno if they are any good or not.


2 thoughts on “Maybe not the best, but they got the most response

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Suze! The comment boxes were closed, which is probably a good thing, because I had already commented profusely many of those posts….
    I think it is a great selection of posts, as it shows what a complex woman you are… With your funny side hiding a bumpy road of a life!

    I laughed again at that ‘Can you color-match this?’ part… and you (well, me, but in your comment box) inspired me an up coming post 😉

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