“Let’s shove George in a shed” campaign REDUX

**Update*** so I have had a few donations and George has been sold eight times now.  I am sincerely hoping some lovely, caring, compassionate, WEALTHY people will take the time to shove another dollar or two or ten or even a gazillion my way so that I can electrocute  electrify George’s new shed.  This will allow me some much needed quiet space in the house as George would spend most of his spare time in the shed making his  toys stupid models outside. Otherwise I am stuck with having to deal with models strung from the ceiling and boxes all over the floor until the shed is connected in a few months.

the original post:

So I was contemplating the addition of a paypal or go fund me link to this blog…sort of tongue in cheek…but then a few people have made mention that they wished to “monetize” their blogs and since I am usually a willing guinea pig for all their endeavors, they asked I do so and let them know if it “works”.

Now, the only thing I really need funding for is to add electric service to the shed I ordered for the hubby, Poor George. For those who just cringed at the “poor’ appellation, it is entirely because the poor man has been married to me for donkey’s years and has willingly put up with the embarrassments I cause him.

So, in the cause of electrifying Poor George’s shed/workshop I am adding a way for you, my adoring readers, to assist us.

It will help me as George will be moving all his models (tiny trains, boats, ships…they are different from boats he says…….airplanes, rockets and assorted equipment for making all these annoying toys) out into the shed….which frees up the front room in our tiny cottage so I can actually put my sewing machine on a table instead of the floor in the living room!

So here goes nothing!

If you wish to donate to the “let’s shove George in a shed” campaign, click the button below! Thanks!

*****well, that didn’t work..will return later to see if I cant get it working somehow. sheesh!***  ***okay the paypal thingy works finally*** 

***I took off the paypal thingy. No sense to do it as all of us are obviously starving “artists”………..just send good thoughts while I save the bucks to get the airliners off the ceiling!



39 thoughts on ““Let’s shove George in a shed” campaign REDUX

  1. Do you mean the WP ad? How does that help, Suze?

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    1. Susan L Hartline January 8, 2018 — 11:01 am

      nope..was trying to code in a paypal button, dang it. it keeps kicking out the code when i update

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      1. Let me know when it works 🙂

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      2. it works……………only took a bazillion hours!

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      3. Yay! Hip hip hip hurray to you, Suze!!

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      4. I am curious… how much do you need to kick George out of the house and into his shed? 😛

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      5. dunno……probably around 400 bucks..or 15 penguins and a box of chocolates……..sigh

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      6. Too bad the link doesn’t leave it to the giver to choose how much he/she wants to give….

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      7. i know…stupid thing. wouldn’t let me put in a nickle either. I thought a 100 bazillion nickles could add up and no one would mind. a dollar is the least amount it seems.

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      8. OMG! that was too funny! I’d post a picture of what just happened…it announced I sold george….but too much information is on it and have to protect the innocent purchaser! lol

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      9. LOOOOOOOOOL I hope it was a good deal, for both you and the mysterious buyer 😛

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      10. “You sold “shove George in a shed” for $1.00.
        Product: shove George in a shed
        Quantity: 1″ roflmao

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      11. Now you have no choice…. you have to take him back into the house if you want to resell him 😛 Unless you have many Georges… or end up cutting him into tiny pieces 😛

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      12. he is now bungee corded to the bedposts…I can sell him over and over this way and he snaps right back! lol

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  3. okay, so maybe that didn’t actually work….lol


    1. i figured it is worth a shot! roflmao


      1. I bet a lot of women will pledge a bit of 💰 on principle alone!! 😂

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      2. from your mouth to their ears then. I have to duck under hanging airplanes strung from the ceiling, and step over piles of model boxes and there are paint jars everywhere. fingers xd

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  4. Cyranny, I have absolutely no idea..i figure if I get anything at all, I can con the electrician next door to do it for what I get..negotiations are in progress…..lol

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  5. gawd, I adore you guys! biggest laugh of the year is getting a paypal notice that I “sold George in a shed”…….he will be so surprised!

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  6. Done. Now, please be gentle with George as you shove him in the shed. 😃

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    1. I shall try……thanks sweetie. he will be thrilled. he was talking about getting four extension cords and stringing them through the yard. I said no……

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      1. Hahaha! That’d beat a blank. 😃😃

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  7. This whole ordeal made my day. Too funny.

    (One comment though – my eyes felt somewhat strained by the black text on the dark green background.)

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    1. see if it is any better now. please? 🙂

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      1. Ok, I’ve narrowed it down to the background being the bigger issue. Not the text. Any way you would like it to be just a tad bit lighter in shade?

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      2. okay, I lightened it as much as I could and still keep a teal. the letters turn black if I get any lighter.

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      3. Sorry for being a nuisance. This one is so much better! Thanks for the consideration.

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      4. it doesn’t do any good to have colors that hurt people’s eyes. I appreciate all the input and assistance! Bless your heart for helping me with it!

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      5. I love your attitude.

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