Snarky People United?

I have seemingly retrained myself to automatically wake up at 6 am. Now, I really don’t like mornings. I wake up slowly and it usually takes an infusion of coffee directly into the veins for me to achieve a modicum of intelligence. But, I have been taking my adopted grand daughter to school every morning at the ungodly hour of 7:30, so being awake is desirable. There’s NO ONE awake in the household at 6 am, not even a cat.  There’s nothing on TV at that hour (no, I DON’T like Barney!) and the morning DJ on the radio is a complete TWIT so I won’t listen to him. So what to do?  How to keep busy?
I cleaned the house.  Well that took all of 1/2 hour, now what? I know…the computer! I go online to FB and check all the groups I am a member of and start adding weird and/or snarky comments to the posts, and I get some twit writing that I am a racist in my hometown group!  Honestly! a racist? get a grip dude.  He seems to be one of those people that see an insult to his race within each and every comment, so at first I don’t get upset. I’m thinking “good lord, what a jackass” instead when he comes right out and says it’s “a good thing” I “left my hometown when I did cause the town is well rid of racists like you”. And then I got pissed.
For some reason when I get a tad perturbed at people I start channeling my Katherine Hepburn as Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine.  I seemed to have picked up some of her ability to be snarky as heck towards people that make stupid statements. As I seemed to have started a race riot on the page, I wrote a final uber-snarky comment to the twit and am now sitting here snickering at the stupidity of people (yes, I include myself in that grouping!).
George wandered in while I was snickering and snorting. I was trying to keep quiet because he was sleeping (I obviously failed). George just looked at me, shook his head and said “oh honey, what did you do now?” So I told him I was a racist. He looked at me and said “excuse me? YOU?” Yeah, me. The one that had a couple of African-American foster kids that I wanted to adopt but couldn’t; the one that sponsored two Asian kids for two years while they went to college here; the one that worked with parolees and probationers of all races. The one that dated an Afghanee during college…..and an African-American during college………and a Native American during college…………..(yes, I dated anyone that asked)
Anyway, George said “the world is full of idiots hun, you can’t fix stupid” and then asked what was for breakfast.
So now, I’m back online again. I still have nothing to do today and I was thinking about maybe I could start a new group on FB called “snarky people united” and we could have only sarcastic people writing stupid stuff to irritate other people on it. With my luck, it would take over the entire website and my friends would no longer be able to post anything or play games because my snarky people united would have taken all the bytes allowed for the website. So in the interest of my friends love of games and picture posting, I have decided NOT to create that group.

4 thoughts on “Snarky People United?

  1. George is right. Can’t fix stupid. I’m not on Facebook, but if you get that Snark Group up and going, I just may have to sign up. 😃👍🏻

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  2. I boycott facebook largely to avoid the stress and strife of folks arguing over personalities. I don’t have the patience for it and have already learned that you can’t fix any stupid but your own–

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  3. People do so love taking offence…you cant fix stupid needs to be a T-shirt.

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