Yippee! Another flag!

OK, even I admit it is silly…but today i noticed a little spot on my WP map that was in a different place..so of course I had to check it out.  SERBIA! Someone from SERBIA visited me!

ISN’T that a GORGEOUS flag?  I LOVE the double headed eagle on it! It is an amazing looking flag.  Most countries have boring flags…well they do! I know I will get some backlash from that statement, but too bad.  just colored lines do not a cool looking flag make!

Serbia!  Oh golly…I am in awe.

I mean, seriously…have you seen some of the people that are Serbian?  They are beautiful….Just LOOK at them!

(Yes, I watch a lot of foreign films)

And the countryside is absolutely fabulous! Who wouldn’t want to visit this place?

I would love to visit one day..until then though my little visitor from Serbia shall have to do.  So thank you, whomever you are for visiting me!

10 thoughts on “Yippee! Another flag!

  1. Cool! I keep forgetting to look at my map. I should go do that. 🙂

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    1. I am the semi-un-official reminder to check maps on wp poster! lol

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  2. I also forget to look at my map, although somedays I see far-flung flags and think them beautiful–I’ll go check later. Those folks look handsome and striking, and the area intriguing.

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  3. That’s pretty awesome! 🙂

    I recently had a visitor from Nepal – very exotic flag, which is why it caught my eye (and how in the world did they stumble over my blog?!)

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    1. i know! It amazes me when I think about the people in far away countries..how in tarnation did they ever find ME? I mean, what do they put into the search engines? Crazy old lady living in the USA that babbles? that must be it.

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      1. Well, I found you through the comments on another blog – can’t even remember which one 😛
        But I probably show up as a black red and gold in your stats, if WP goes by IP addresses.
        Sometimes it’s keywords, I think. When I posted my blog about PTSD and little Viking horses, I had the Iceland flag pop up (which was awesome all in itself).

        I think it’s lovely that you get such enjoyment from “collecting” flags. We Americans can be so hidebound sometimes, we forget how much exciting stuff and how many fascinating people are out there.

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      2. is that the official romulan flag then? lol

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      3. Naw, that one has a Mogai on it 😉

        Black/red/gold is Germany, where I’m currently stationed. On post we tend to have US IP’s, but I don’t log into those networks on my private time.

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  4. Congrats Suze 🙂

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  5. I see on mine French Guiana, which I thought used to be spelled differently, and Czech Republic, and a lot of Singapore and South Africa and Bangaladesh and India and Canada and other European ones–I guess that when I comment on a certain blog that has a lot of readers of a certain place, they may click on me to see who I am–and if they want me to give tarot readings by email, I do! Even though I am based in the US, I have had quite a few paying clients in the UK for email readings, which is great and makes me wonder why some places may like my work. Now I just need the rest of the world to ‘discover’ me in good ways and i can do readings for them too!

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