evoke is not a strong enough word


I heard what the president said. I sat in horror not quite believing my own ears when an attendee of the meeting confirmed what the president said. It evoked an immediate and visceral reaction. I became nauseous and angry all at the same time. Our president proved to all and sundry that he is no better than Adolf Hitler’s goon squads.

I sat in absolute horror when Fox news tried to downplay and discard the hatred our president showed through his comments.

Then I became righteously pissed off. There is just no other term for my reaction. And when I get “Pissed off” I take action.

I called all my congressmen and senators demanding they support Robert Mueller’s investigation with NO MORE waffling on about “how great” America is under this fascist’s rule. I wrote letters and faxed them to the same congressmen and senators just in case they decided to ignore my calls.

I called my local indivisible office and sent copies of the letters to them.

I called my local resist movement office and did the same and asked when the next demonstration would be held and how can I help get it going.

I wrote to the democratic national committee and told them under no circumstances make the next election cycle about DT but to have viable platform…environment and how to fix what has once again been broken; education, how to take it back from the far right..I told them to get off their asses, find their balls and call out the racism for what it is. Call out the lies for what they are. Stop hiding behind semantics and tell the damned truth!

I strongly suggest everyone that was appalled by the unconscionable behavior of our president do the same…or as much as they can. Our country needs us to take a stand, and take it now.


5 thoughts on “evoke is not a strong enough word

  1. Amen. This is getting beyond ridiculous. And avoid FOX News at all costs. It’ll just make you more and more angry. I’ve never seen anything quite like this, nor did I think I ever would. What an embarrassment It is. 😔

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    1. i just finished reading an old Sinclair Lewis book that describes almost exactly what is happening here now. it’s called “it can’t happen here”. He wrote it as a warning…and no one paid any attention.

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      1. Sad, that things have deteriorated this rapidly. Why the decisiveness, the insults and slurs, and the open bashing of others. I just don’t get it. He needs to just go away, along with his zombie-like sheep.

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  2. Good for you, Suze!

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  3. I agree. Good work.

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