Friendly fill-ins from McGuffy’s Reader

A weekly fill-in challenge by McGuffy’s reader and 15andmeowing. They pose three to five fill-in sentences…which we…well..FILL IN!

The questions:

I would like to ask _________  why _______

My favorite fast food restaurant is __________

If I could go to any concert of someone still performing, it would be __________

My Winter pastime is usually _______, because __________

My Answers:

Every member of Congress and the Senate that still supports the racist in chief….WHY…they shut their ears to the horrible things he says and why they still think he is viable as the leader of this nation when it is absolutely obvious, even to a rock, that he is NOT! (rant over…sorry)

Braum’s…..I am pretty sure Braums is strictly an Oklahoma fast food place, so people may never had heard of it before.  They are first and foremost a dairy that makes it’s own ice creams…..BUT, they also have farms that supply them with beef, chicken, pork and veggies.  They make the most mouth-watering hamburgers.  I swear the first one I ever ate made me groan with pleasure…so much so the guys sitting behind me asked if I was okay!

Manhattan Transfer.

anything that keeps me busy. I don’t have just one.


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