thank you

You guys in the blogging world are incredible. yes, you are so stop with the false modesty!

As many know I bought a shed for the hubby…mostly it was for my front room to have all airplanes, tanks,m trains, ships and boats (there is supposedly a difference) and teensy tiny people removed and turned into a room that humans inhabit.  At the current time it is inhabited by bazillions of models, and model parts and paints.

I created a donations page that worked when it felt like it and made $4.11! Yep…American dollars!

Then Cyranny reblogged the whole kit and kaboodle…and no more donations came in.

Sop, I edited the original post and completely took off any chance for a donation to be requested (danged thing didn’t want to work anyway).

SO, thank you all for the kind thoughts..and keep your hard earned cash.

George will just have to use a really really long extension cord until we can afford the electric hookup.



6 thoughts on “thank you

      1. We did indeed…. I’ll try to brainstorm to find a way to help…. Maybe if we bribed an electrician?

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    1. I thought I would pass it on to a new blogger that I really like.
      thank you sweetie

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      1. Yep I saw your other comment that’s absolutely fine 🙂

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