I missed the daily post again

three days in a row. Here we go again, trying once more to catch up to everyone else on WordPress.

Granted I have had the flu for a week.  I have posted while feverish and have no idea what I posted last week.

I remember railing away at some old women who decided to “convert” me…they should know better than to show up on my front porch by now.

I remember ranting about something…probably our moron-in-chief…but don’t remember exactly what I said.

It’s been a rough week after all.

So, three words that are supposed to jog my brain into some sort of rational (HA!) thought towards an erudite post. That’ll be the day.

Study, entertain and static.

okay…here it is.

“As she studied her hair for the 400 bazillionth time, she entertained the thought of simply removing the static by shaving her head”.

2 thoughts on “I missed the daily post again

  1. Hahaha! Love this! sooz your hilarious! :d xoxox ❤

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