I’d rather have a false positive

than a false negative when it comes to nuclear war.  The people of Hawaii were appropriately terrified when they were notified missles were on their way to their state.

They panicked. they ran and hid. They prayed for family, friends, homes and country.

Thank god it was not real.

But in thinking about it over the weekend, I would so much rather have a warning than none.  EVEN if it wasn’t true.  At least, at the very least, I would prepare more carefully afterwards.  i would hold my children closer. I would tell my friends I loved them.

It could so easily have gone the other way.

3 thoughts on “I’d rather have a false positive

  1. Stressful times for everyone–I hope for the best for all.


  2. We have been told that the closest we have ever come to nuclear attack was Kennedy and Cuba. I was not scared. I trusted JFK with my life. Sure wish I had that faith today.

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    1. me too Larry. I remember the Cuban Missile crisis…VERY well. And I am more afraid today than I was then.

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