Let it Bleed challenge :Moon

I know…but I LIKE the name of this challenge. So I can be a bit…gruesome? In any event, I didn’t name the challenge, Saumya over at Randomness Inked named it…I think.

let it bleed

The prompt for this week is-



  • Interpret the prompt the way you like and write a piece of prose or poetry, fiction or non- fiction, anything that suits you.
  • There are no length restrictions.
  • Create Pingbacks to weekly posts so that I can add your piece to the weekly round-ups. You can comment directly on the weekly post also.
  • Tag your post letitbleed to make it easier for other bloggers to find it in the Reader.
  • Read other participants’ work and let them know your views.
  • Make sure that you post by Friday so that I can add your piece in the weekly round-up.


Moon in early morning

lights the path

towards freedom and life.



4 thoughts on “Let it Bleed challenge :Moon

  1. Oh goodie! Another writing prompt!

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  2. Bravo Suzi. You nailed this one!!!

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