agile I am not

I used to be agile.  I used to be a lot of things though. Time and aging tend to take a toll on the things we are capable of doing.

The child in me wants to be able to leap about like a young gazelle…the elder in me knows I might just break a hip trying it.

The child in me wants to climb trees, go roller skating, bungee jumping or uni-cycling……the elder in me says “upon pain of hip fractures and the ultimate embarrassment restrain yourself”.

I was told that when I “grew up” things would be different…I would become “gracious, understanding and responsible”…what I wasn’t told..never told..was that I would still wish to play as a child does. I would still want to push boundaries.

Why aren’t we told that our minds would embrace the memories of youthful play and still want to act upon them? That our brains would convince us we are still capable of doing things no aged body should ever contemplate?

I still feel sixteen in my head…but my body, while willing, is incapable of completing those desires.

I want to scream “it isn’t fair” like a five year old.

I am reminded that “to every thing there is a season” and I want to rail against it, but I don’t. There is no sense in trying to be what we are not.

We can only be content with knowing that once upon a time we could do all the things we wanted to do…and that now is a time of fond remembrance.


7 thoughts on “agile I am not

  1. I refuse to give up and become old . .

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  2. Great post, Suze. Those good memories make some of today’s pain bearable.

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  3. I agree, it is a pita

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  4. I fool myself by standing in front of my computer on little carpet samples, so that I maintain a bit of muscle tone and can dance around or march in place while pecking on the keys. The desk is there in case I tip over!

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  5. lol so true Suze and appreciate the song, long time since I heard it!

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  6. I can still do all of the things I did in my youth. Until I wake up and the dream has ended, that is.

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