I don’t trust the Trump Administration….

Every time someone from the White House makes a statement, I have learned to fact check it.

Once again a “talking head” has come forth from the bowels of the White House to spew forth skewed statistics in an effort to rationalize Trump’s oppressive and bigoted immigration policy.

The item that immediately struck me for IT’S ELIMINATION FROM THE LIST was “home grown terrorists”.  Yep, another ridiculous attack against immigration from those “shithole” countries, as our president so warmly calls them.  The attempt at rationalization on the part of POTUS’ little buddies is laughable at best.

Read it for yourself…..Team Trump Cooks Terror Stats…


5 thoughts on “I don’t trust the Trump Administration….

  1. I wouldn’t have trusted him decades ago if he sat next to me at a bar–he is just that sort of skeevy guy who seems unlikely to do anything that isn’t in his own interest–

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ‘The attempt at rationalization on the part of POTUS’ little buddies is laughable at best.’ … THIS WILL NEVER BE NORMAL!!
    … and I’m not the only one!!

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  3. Lies upon lies upon lies.

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  4. Dear Suze,
    We are on the same page. Every time he has appeared to do something that looks reasonable and decent, I have to look into the details to figure out, what is really going on that I’m missing. There is always something wrong with the picture.
    Hugs, Gronda

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    1. I find myself wishing for the days of tricky Dick again…at least there was some sense of normalcy for a few days in between revelations!

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