I thought I was prepared

But this Winter has been kicking George’s and my respective butts in ways I thought were already long gone.

The temps have been so Arctic that pipes that were protected froze, and the semi-thaw yesterday broke a few of them.  Can you say waterfalls?  Yea, we had no sooner corrected one pipe than another split.  So this morning, no water.

Then yesterday evening the floor furnace (which is less than one year old) decided to kick its proverbial bucket. The temperature gauge and the electronic pilot both blew out.  After trying rather unsuccessfully for several hours to relight the blasted thing, a call was placed to our plumber, who diagnosed the problem and scheduled a time to fix it…..next week.

So, we are blowing our electric budget with space heaters. And the indoor temp isn’t even registering yet on our thermostat….yes, it is that cold in here. I know it is above 40 degrees, but highly doubt it is close to 50………….and outside it is 8.  It’s going to be an unholy shock to get out there!

We, at least, can have our handy-dandy next-door neighbor fix the pipes…so we should be able to turn the water back on this afternoon. I may invest in a few more space heaters this afternoon too.

Last night I took the dogs and spent the night at Angie’s…my best buddy and the reason George and I moved to Enid.  Thank goodness for friends.  George stayed here at the house…he was concerned the house might decide to blow up next and was in combat mode to prevent it.

It’s time for me to take the grandchild to school now and I dread having to go outside to do so…but on a brighter note…….when I come back INSIDE it will feel a whole lot warmer than it really is in comparison. (yes, i do always look for the silver linings!)

14 thoughts on “I thought I was prepared

  1. Brrrrr, it got down to 26 here and I thought that was cold. Bundle up….baby, it’s cold outside.

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  2. Yikes! I hope both your house and the outside temperatures will warm up soon.

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  3. I hope the temperature will be more comfortable soon, Suze… Is everything ok in the house?

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    1. no water, cause we are waiting for the plumber to show up..let us hope he pulls his pants up cause his azz will freeze out there! Temps in the low 50’s inside the house so it is just like a chilly fall day. could be a lot worse than it is. temps outside should be in the high 40’s today so it’ll be okay. I get to wear my cool looking sweaters so I am toasty…..lol

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      1. I hope this plumber comes to your house quickly!! If he doesn’t, let me know, I’ll go kick his half covered butt!! LOL

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      2. rock on…he said “between 7 and 9″…it is now……….10:04! lol

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      3. Wow! Well, let me put on some boots… 😛

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  4. I used to use the gas stove burners to warm the kitchen in CO, and the oven when we had an electric one in a larger kitchen. In our ancient house in CO the pilot light in the furnace blew out all the time, and the water heater. Loved the house but ancient plumbing, electricity had its moments. Wrap up in your quilts! Good luck with the pipes.

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    1. the gas stove has been on a nice 350 degrees F all day. it’s doing a bang-up job of keeping the house warm

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      1. Cool, or should that be, warm! 🤗

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  5. Oh no! We have been superlucky here near Woodstock NY with that same sort of freezing and thaw and freeze, but our baseboard hot water heating and pellet stove have done fine. Knock on lots of wood. We boil a lot of water on the stove to keep the room warmer–one kettle for drinking and puttin gin the bird water, and one to pour down the pipes now and again with a little soap to kjeep them happy– and we make stews and soups that are hot and also warming. Hot water bottles are great too. Best wishes–

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    1. thanks Donnalee..never thought about hot water with a bit of soap for the drains! will try it.

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      1. I figure it helps, since the heat does the heat thing and also the soap will help with any gunk that may have gotten stuck along the way with the cold. It seems to help us. If I just run colder water, the kitchen sink overflows its drain soon, and that worries me. The hot water and the liquid soap ( just squeezed at the drain or in the sink by hand, not added to the kettle or anything) makes it go down within a very short time. Good luck with it. Oh, and I keep a bucket under the sink drain in case it has issues–

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