The Triple P Award

It is time once again to bring the attention of all WordPress bloggers to the Triple P Awards!  Yes, these coveted awards are only given out when Suze has absolutely NOTHING to write about, has read bazillions of other blogger’s posts and found one that made her rush off to the bathroom due to excess laughter!

This award has previously been issued to Linda of Tales from the Cabbage Patch

This time, the offender blogger who made Suze snicker until mental health services were called upon is………………………………..

FANDANGO of This, That and the Other ….with the post A wink or a Blink

Now, I don’t know if he accepts awards, but since there is nothing to do for this one he’d danged well BETTER accept it! Go read his stuff.


6 thoughts on “The Triple P Award

  1. I am truly honored to have received this award. I will write an appreciation post either tonight or tomorrow.

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  2. I did what you said Suze… but I am wondering; why is Fandango getting the nomination and WE have to do the stuff, while he just enjoys the award? 😛

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    1. that, unfortunately, is how the award works.:P

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      1. Great choice for the award. I love his posts!

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