Where Does It End???

This is simply outrageous!

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Perhaps there is some confusion on the meanings of certain words and phrases.  At the beginning of Trump’s ‘Reign of Bigotry’, Kellyanne Conway, referring to the number of people who attended the inauguration, introduced the term ‘alternative facts’.  It would seem that now there is some general confusion, particularly among those tied to the Trump administration, about what words mean.  Let us take a couple of examples:

Religious freedom: the freedom to practice and observe your religion of choice, or none at all, without interference.

Civil rights: the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality.

Conscience: an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior.

Of course, we can expand on these definitions, but these are the base, the foundation, and for the purpose of this conversation will serve quite nicely.

Donald Trump has once again found…

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4 thoughts on “Where Does It End???

  1. Suze, I also was appalled by the latest Trump ass-sucking to the Evangelical bigots. We must remember that those people do not represent the majority of folks who call themselves Christian. Unfortunately, if the institution of Christianity needs to be taken down in this battle with the haters and bigots, then so be it. Let me be at the front of the battle lines.

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    1. I’m right with ya babe. This can NOT continue.

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      1. Let me turn you on to another blog I have discovered. He’s new with some awesome material. Watch the MarcusMecum video and rediscover what Christianity is supposed to be. https://holinessinrecovery.com/

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      2. thank you. what an incredible blog!

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