This weekend I was reminded

Why I love the place I am currently residing.

It isn’t the cost of living, although it is relatively inexpensive to live here.

It isn’t the weather, as it is so changeable…one minute 60 degrees and sunny and the next winds over 50 MPH and FREEZING!

It isn’t the house we live in…nor the job my husband loves. I’ll be candid and tell you…

It is the people that also live here.

For the past two days, people have helped me for no reason other than they could.

Friday, George’s shed was delivered and placed perfectly into the back yard.

Saturday, I was replacing the fence pieces we had to take out so the shed could be placed.  I was struggling with a six foot section, trying to get it straight on the post before screwing it in. A TOTAL STRANGER walked up and grabbed the other end of the section and helped me place it. He then pulled a screwdriver out of his overalls and started affixing the fence to the post. I did the other side.

I said thank you, he grinned and said no problem. We completed the job of affixing the second section, he told me “have a great day, and Thanks for letting me help.”

HE thanked ME!

Sunday, Angie’s husband Garry came over to help us put sheetrock into the shed. We had placed three pieces and were wondering how exactly to place it around the electrical outlets.  The NEIGHBOR walked over and just started helping.  It took us over 8 hours to complete the job and the neighbor never stopped helping us!

The stranger from the day before walked by and started helping again without being asked!

We finally found out his name….and it turns out he is one of the fellows that started helping us paint the house last year. I wrote about it here.

This town………… Enid, has changed George’s and my life…for the better.  Our cynicism when it comes to people’s motives has disappeared.

We feel blessed.



9 thoughts on “This weekend I was reminded

  1. Reblogging this to my sister site, Success Inspirers World ☺

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  2. You are truly blessed 🌹

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  3. Enid sounds lovely! If I ever visit the US again, I would love to see it, and you, Suze!

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    1. you have an open invitation to stay with us!


      1. Thank you! And you with us, when you come to India!

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  4. what a blessing that stranger was! so glad he helped you out! ❤ xox

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