Update: George’s shed, still shoving………..

So, An anonymous personage sent us the funds needed to electrocute George….wait. Electrify George….no, wait…..Electrify George’s SHED! (that’s it)

In an effort to find out who sent the funds I have been annoying friends and family alike with speculation but no outright questions. I figured I didn’t really want to embarrass them since they were so careful to not let us know who sent it……………

And I inadvertently made one of my bloggery buddies feel…well, not bad exactly, but for sure not great.

So, it wasn’t the following people that I thought it might have been just because i adore them so much…wait..that would imply I don’t adore ALL my bloggery buddies.

Look at the pictures while I figure out how to say this!

OKAY…lemme try this again.

So far as I know, NONE of my bloggery friends (Cyranny, Cheryl, Barbara, Rose, Larry)  sent the money we needed to electrocute George……DAGNABIT! Why do I keep typing that? I don’t REALLY want to electrocute my hubby! I adore him! THE SHED…..

In any event, everyone just stop trying to figure it out. If I can’t figure out who sent it you guys sure as heck can’t! Just, along with me, say a little prayer of thanks.

7 thoughts on “Update: George’s shed, still shoving………..

  1. Maybe it was your guardian angel 👼🏻

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    1. I am beginning to think I DO have a guardian angel!

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  2. Just be generally grateful. If they wanted to be known, I am sure they would tell you. “Secret Santa” is secret for a reason.

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    1. true. I guess I just don’t know how to react when someone does something nice for me. I’m used to doing for others.

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