no one dominates here…………….

Today has been a day of hard work shared between friends.  No one dominant  over the other..ideas given and shared between people who truly respect and love each other.

The chores were those of everyday life…cleaning the kitchen. Dusting furniture. Cleaning the ceiling fans. Washing sheets and making a bed.

Yet the work became a joy to complete instead of the normal druggery of it all.

Simply because the work was shared.

It used to be like this all the time. Years ago, families weren’t just the mother, father and a handful of children..but aunts, uncles and grandparents would all live in the same place and share the load.

I wonder when exactly that all changed?

Probably right after the second world war when so many manufacturing jobs had opened up..people used to living with extended family moved, then grew apart.

It’s a shame.

The hours flew by and the work, being shared, was easier than it would have been done alone.

I am so grateful that we have friends close enough to ask for help. I am grateful they ask for help when needed.

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  1. That sounds wonderful, and like such basic common sense. Good for you and for them.

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  2. Ah Suze, my friend. I grew up in a multi-generational house. My great-grandparents, my grandparents, my mother, and two aunts. I thought everybody enjoyed that type of family life. The Waltons had nothing on us. Shared farm work, shared joy, shared hardships.

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  3. that’s me when I go to my kids houses, I have to help with cleaning and organizing things 🙂

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  4. Even in a single generation household like mine was, it was a a different time. People need to slow down, and share in the everyday…. there really is SO MUCH to be shared. Thanks for this. Put a smile on my face, and a bit of hope in my heart.

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  5. I am so lucky to have you to help me share my load and to help you share your load!!! It so makes for a lovely time to our everyday things that need to be done!!!!

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    1. yeppers! Makes it even better that we can laugh at the doggies too!


  6. You hit it right on the head. Because of jobs and more flexible borders, people moved away. And remember that most of the time, the women did not work, and men’s work wasn’t 9-5 (+overtime). So we were closer. We worked less. And there were more of us available.

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