Reblog: Cyranny’s flag contest! GO VOTE!

Only one week left! Only? Come on, that’s still a whole lot of time, to choose from five fabulous flags… So far, #1 has three votes, #3 one vote and #5 has gathered four! If you haven’t voted already, just click on the link below, and leave your opinion in the comments! On February […]

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6 thoughts on “Reblog: Cyranny’s flag contest! GO VOTE!

  1. Thank you Suze 🙂 If your mooses win, you’ll have to take a picture of your flag hung in front of your house… Don’t forget 😛

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    1. oh like I could ever forget! George said “there’s no way in …..that you are gonna win Suze..not with those insane looking MOOSE!”. I said insane is great! he just shook his head and wandered away speaking that blasted German again!

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      1. Mouahahahahaha well, it sure would be fun to prove him wrong! Then he can mumble some more, watching you hang the Victory flag on your porch!! LOL

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      2. I told him I was going to win and when I did, that insane moose flag was going to proudly wave off the front porch…he said at least five things (in German, who knows what they were?) then NEIN! Even I know that means NO…so I just smiled and asked “you DO like to sleep…and EAT, don’t you?” He is now in his shed looking at the dry wall………..roflmao


  2. I went and voted. Moose are great!

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