Wednesday music on a Thursday morning!

I was so busy cleaning the house yesterday with my friends that I totally forgot about my Wednesday Music post! We had so much fun doing the various chores the blog simply vanished from my mind until this morning………….so, in order to catch up I am (OBVIOUSLY) going to speed up the blog.

So, a little Rimsky-Korsakov!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday music on a Thursday morning!

  1. You had so much fun while cleaning that you forgot about the blog? You must not be human. Wanna come help me out with my house? Some cool friends you got there to help ya.

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    1. actually it was fun…I hate cleaning…but when my friend comes, she brings her two crazy dogs over…and my two crazier dogs tend to go a bit nuts. it takes twice as long to get anything done because we end up laughing so much. and it depends on where ya live. if I need a plane ticket to get there it could take a while …….lol

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      1. Oh, now that you mention dogs and laughter, that does sound like fun.

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