McGuffy’s Reader Friendly Fill-ins, January 26, 2018

McGuffy’s Reader and 15andmeowing host the Friday Friendly Fill-ins…..and here they are!


 the fill-ins:

  1. The flu shot ______________________.
  1. I think everyone should take ________ daily.
  1. I (almost) always _____, because _____.
  1. I (almost) never _____ because _______.


My response:

1.The Flu shot, even though I get one every year, is a futile attempt to prevent cases of influenza. The percentages reported by the CDC are based on the ability to match the most prevalent strains of flu infections each year with the flu “antigens” used in the yearly shot. This does NOT take into account whether the flu shot actually confers any type of immunity to the patient. In fact, the prestigious Cochrane Review in 2014 stated that the flu vaccination “shows no appreciable effect on working days lost or hospitalization.” Moreover, out of an average of 71 individuals receiving the flu shot, only one case of the flu was prevented.

2. I think everyone should take a time-out daily….a time to simply sit and contemplate their life….some time to recharge.

3. I (almost) always  laugh instead of cry, because no matter how awful a situation there will be at least one funny aspect of it.

4. I (almost) never roller skate or skateboard, because the older I grow the less graceful I become.

2 thoughts on “McGuffy’s Reader Friendly Fill-ins, January 26, 2018

  1. 1. didn’t work.
    2. a dump…
    3. eat; get hungry.
    4. watch Fox News; I’m not a lemming.

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    1. i like that “I am not a lemming!”

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