Useless award

There are awards for writing..for photography..for being supportive or funny..for bringing up issues that are world-changing…….for people who love challenges, and for those that hate challenges.

Now, there’s an award for just having a “cool” blog.

This award has a long history (of almost a year) of being given to incredible bloggers (there was only one actually) who embody all the great things that bloggers should…ummmm……..embody! (pretty sure I gave it to Cyranny for annoying me)

There is only one question to answer with this award, and that is

  1. “how did I ever get so lucky?”

And the winner is…………


RED  yep, that wonderful girl who celebrates Cheese Day…seemed like a perfectly good reason to give her this award!



Disclaimer: This award no longer carries a monetary prize..strictly for annoyance sake. (not that it ever did….have money involved that is)




6 thoughts on “The RCATUOFTWB Award!

  1. Oh Suze, please, please, please tell me that I was 2nd runner-up….3rd…..honorable mention?

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    1. lol…you just have to wait for it Larry….i mean…seriously. it is such a prestigious award that it takes a while to earn it!

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      1. Dang it, I’m a 70 year old man. Waiting is for young snarks like yourself.

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      2. you are still young my dear………..

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  2. Dear Madame Suze, I do, indeed have the RCATUOFTWB Award on my wall of fame 🙂 And I am dang proud of it too!! Although I think I really deserved it for making you the blogger I linked in The Cove the most often… Notthedane is probably close behind, but I am pretty sure I have more links to Suziland, than to his blog! LOL

    I didn’t know RED before… but it is about to change! Thanks for introducing her 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend, Gorgeous 🙂 xx

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