Blogging for posterity? One can only hope.

Every time I get an award for blogging (boy, that sounded really self-serving, didn’t it?) I get a question about “why do you blog?” or “Why did you start blogging?”.

My answer is pretty much the same every time. I do it for my children.

I realize it would be easier for me to simply write everything in a diary or journal…the boys would probably read that at the end of my time of Earth and get the same feelings as they would seeing it online.

But, I don’t write in a journal.  There are several reasons for that.  One, I have arthritis and it just plain HURTS to write.  Secondarily, I am going blind.

Paper may be white, and I can still “see’ it, but I can control the brightness on a computer screen and I can make the fonts larger or smaller as I need to.

I realized this morning that using my computer to write is the same reason I use a KINDLE to read now. I can control the font and the light.

I adore reading. Books have been my closest friends for many years……………they have let me travel to different times…….different countries. I have helped Hercule Poirot solve crimes…I have warned many a heroine about those scowling knights errant.  Books take me outside myself, and into other worlds.

They have, at times, saved my sanity. It is now almost impossible for me to read a book. I can still read large print books, but there are so few available.  I have read every single one at our county library, and honestly I can not afford to purchase them. I wonder why exactly large font books cost significantly MORE than regular font books?

This blog tends to do the same things that books used to do.  I can rant to my heart’s content, I can rave about wonderful people and places. I can share my heart and spirit with not only my children, but other people. Hopefully I will leave behind at least one good thing for each reader of my nonsense.

For that’s what I really want to do with this blog.  Leave one sentence, one story, one thought that resonates with the reader…….something that may make their life better or easier.

If I can do that, then everything….EVERYTHING will have been worthwhile.


12 thoughts on “Blogging for posterity? One can only hope.

  1. I enjoy audiobooks via from Amazon 😉

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  2. That’s pretty incredible, I had never thought of using blogging on that way. I’m sorry about your sight.

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    1. ah, Simon. Sight may leave me a little bit day by day, but what a gift it is to have a computer that “hears me” so when I do lose it I may still share my thoughts. and who knows, maybe by the time i finally reach the age for medicare and can get the operation I need….it will still be available!


      1. I hope that’s true and you can get it back. But it’s great your computer listens to you. ☺️

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  3. Your spirit shines through your blog, Suze! So I guess you are achieving your goal.

    You got me thinking about why I blog,, but I couldn’t come up with a good reason. I remind me of our kitten wandering around saying ‘Mirow, mirow’ Just compulsive chattiness.

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    1. And I am so very very glad that your chattiness comes through in a blog to follow! lol

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  4. Also, your blog DOES help. Sometimes, when I feel everything I do is pointlessness, I read your blog and tell myself, Look at Suze! Getting excited about things, doing something new all the time, never losing her sense of humour… You really are a tonic, and I’m sure I’m only one of many readers who feel better for a good dose of Suze.

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    1. Oh Harini, thanks so very much for your kind words!

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  5. I hear you! My Kindle is MUCH easier to read than dead tree books. Does your library share with other libraries? My local library shares with other libraries in our state. I go to the library website, request whatever book I’m interested in, in whatever form I need it in, they borrow it from another library, and I get a text on my phone when it comes in. Sometimes it takes a while for the books to show up, but that’s okay. It might be worth asking about. 🙂

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    1. thanks for the idea! I will check with them today…they all know me by first name now.

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  6. I love your blog, it’s like a daily dose of sunshine in a grey and dreary UK!

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