Oh heck…the only thing this word of the day brings to mind is Charlie Chan.  That’s no help at all for a blog post. Unless I wish to speak about old black and white movies with an English actor playing a Chinese character…which brings up all kinds of thought of racial discrimination and biases. heck with that!

I am in a good mood today and dislike the idea of ranting.

So, what to talk about?

The ONLY thing I can think of is how excited I am about getting my front room back again…and being able to rearrange the furniture so it isn’t quite so crowded in my living room…….and when I CAN clear the living room, how I am going to recover the settee.

This settee……….

quilted settee

As you can see, I quilted the seat………now I adore quilting. My friend Angie introduced me to quilting and this was my “first” project.

BUT, I want to change it now.  I seem to be calming down in my old age.

I want to paint this settee white, and upholster it in turquoise material. I already have both the paint and the material…I just need to wait until all of George’s “stuff” is out of the house and into his shed, then I can start.

I need to make a frame for the bed in a closet first………..don’t worry. There will be pictures.

7 thoughts on “inscrutable

  1. WHAT! 😳 your calming down 😏 I’ll believe it when I see it. 🌹

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  2. You seem to have plenty of plans simmering–good for you!

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  3. “CALM” and Suze will never be used together in the same sentence.

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    1. I think they could….maybe…of course the universe could collapse. Just saying.


    2. whatcha hiding for Larry? Oh wait a second! Is this GABBY? GABBY, get off Larry’s computer!


  4. Hey, I have nominated you for the Liebster award. Here is the link to the rules and the acceptance.

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    1. thank you sweet girl…I just completed it!


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