Cee’s share your world challenge, January 29, 2018

share your world challenge

Cee’s challenge is every Monday. Come and join in the fun…and let us know a little bit about you.

As always Cee’s questions will be pretty…while my answers won’t!


If you had an unlimited shopping spree at only one store, which one would you choose? Why?  One one……………only one. Do I want to be selfish and go to the hardware store?  Or really selfish and go to the outdoor sports store?  Nope, I feel bad just thinking about going. So I will go with my first instinct.  JUMBO FOODS! 

Jumbo Foods Fruit and Vegetables (Bonnie Vculek / Enid News & Eagle)

Okay, I can hear people thinking …”a food store, Suze” “really?”  yes, REALLY!

This is my fantasy, and by Gawd, I am going to jumbo’s.  I am buying out the store…I am then taking everything to all the homeless shelters, the salvation army, the soup kitchens, and every single “section 8” house sitting in town until the food runs out. I want to be Scarlet O’Hara without all her selfishness! I want to be Santa Claus of the grocery stores!

I KNOW what it feels like to be so hungry your stomach sticks to your backbone, and no one should ever have to feel that way. I KNOW the sheer unadulterated JOY of being able to feed a child enough. I can not bear the thought of kids being hungry…so yea, give me a shopping spree!

What is the worst thing you ate recently?  nothing. I am grateful for food, and don’t think that way anymore.

Name five things you like watching… 

Didn’t we do this one already? Or it could have been on another challenge…five things? can’t I do seven? or 2?  okay, fine….sheesh

  1. The sun rise or set
  2. the cat sleeping
  3. Dr who
  4. Poldark
  5. Masterpiece Classic  (all of them)

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? 

I appreciate having a furnace that works…and I seriously appreciated the fact that I paid zero dollars to mike the repairman when he came to ‘fix” the furnace. he didn’t even charge a visit fee…unheard of behavior for anywhere except Enid, Oklahoma I am thinking.

15 thoughts on “Cee’s share your world challenge, January 29, 2018

  1. Thanks Suzi for sharing with us this week.

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    1. YW Cee. I love this challenge! 😀


  2. I almost chose the grocery store… selfishly. I love your response. You are a good soul.

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  3. That was my answer too about the food store. It feels great to be able to help others, and good food is always needed.

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  4. wow no fee? cool! thats great! xo

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    1. I hugged the boy. I think I might have shocked him.

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      1. Ha ha, no, men are just not used to hugs ☺️❤️

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  5. Congrats on 100 followers!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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    1. what? I have 100? I wonder when that happened? lol and thanks hun.

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      1. Yes you do! Congratulations!!!!

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  6. If you do the food shop, I will do the toy shop 🙂

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      1. I much prefer toy shopping over food shopping. 😉

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