I absolutely LOVE it when………

after working for over two weeks on them, the taxes for the year are finally completed and I discover that we really WILL be getting a refund.  Even better, when I discover that the refund amounts are almost exactly the amounts needed to upgrade the bathroom, buy a second tent, and STILL have money left over to throw into my nearly nonexistent savings account.

George and I have FINALLY come to the point in our lives where our taxes are “simpler”.  No more long forms with hundreds of amendment pages…no more adding up the medical and work expenses and praying they are over 2% of our annual income so I can deduct them all……now it is a simple two pager.  And, YES, it still takes me two weeks to finish them.

Why you ask?  George says it is because I am either

  1. an idiot or
  2. anal in the extreme

I say it is because with the government you just never know the best way to file the danged things unless you fill out every stinking form and compare them. Separate filing?  head of Household? Married filing together? EACH filing category must be completed and each type of form…….then and only them will I know which to file.

For those with RATIONAL tax systems, American taxes will make no blasted sense. heck, they make no sense to us either!  We have a 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ and an X for fixing the screwups in the first filing.  Then we have all these categories..head of house..single, married filing seperately then married filing jointly.

I fill out everything except the X as I complete them properly the FIRST time.

And with each type, and each category one either pays into the system or one receives a refund of the amount they overpaid.

I had a choice of a refund of 120.00; 349.00; 968.00; or 1500.00………….yea, call me dumb but I took the biggest refund. There was also an option of whose name went first on the lines……..if I placed my name first I got back an extra 300.00….but since I had never filed as anything but George’s dependent, I figured that would screw up the return by confusing the government so I gave thought of that extra 300 to the aether and filed normally.

I figured it was ultimately worth 300 bucks to NOT have the IRS sending me a letter.

10 thoughts on “I absolutely LOVE it when………

  1. Ugh. Thanks for reminding me that I need to download Turbo Tax for 2017 and get started with that dreaded task.

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    1. turbo tax? what? do it by hand! lazy thing you….rofl

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      1. By hand? NFW. I’ve been using Turbo Tax for years and it’s definitely easier (and better) than doing it by hand. It uses a simple Q&A approach and I can upload all of my forms and file electronically.

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  2. Yay a gift from above, strange how the money just covers what you need 😉

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    1. it’s been this way ever since George and i moved to Enid. We came with our clothes, a bed and our dog. We now have a home almost paid for, a decent running truck, enough heat, food, etc. It’s a God thing.

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      1. You deserve everything Suze you have lived through hardships and survived without bitterness 😊

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  3. I do our taxes now since I used to do them at my job with my lawyer boss for 17 years. I like it when it is easy. I keep trying to figure how to make it easy. Oh well–I keep trying.

    Good for you to get them done.

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  4. thats hella confusing! couldnt be doing with that lol. keep it simple is my motto 😀 xx

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  5. I feel your pain. 🙂 I dread going through this every year.

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  6. I’m glad that you completed them and that you are getting a nice return which will cover your needed expenses. *does a happy dance*

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