dang, i forgot the title!

There is a certain gravity

in discovering a cavity .

you open your mouth,

all blood rushes south.

Next come feelings of depravity!


(Can you tell I dread going to the dentist?)

Okay, I am NOT apologizing for that horrible limerick…I suppose i could have done a lot better if I had given it more than two seconds thought.

But, I didn’t…and this is what comes of it.





6 thoughts on “dang, i forgot the title!

  1. I actually really like this lol 😆

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  2. Your limericks just roll off the tongue…..of course a lot of stuff rolls off the tongue. LOL No Suze, I love them. Please do more.

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  3. I liked it sooz! very clever! x

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  4. That was pretty cool.

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