I do not like Christians.

Mahatma Gandhi once said “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” and I find myself agreeing with him more and more as the years go by.

I do not like Christians. They are arrogant, annoying, proselytizing, overly judgmental, condescending, argumentative, racist, sexist and homophobic.

Christians would reply (as they have done over and over again) that they are being misunderstood, treated unfairly or persecuted.

They fail totally to see how they persecute everyone who does not align themselves with their beliefs.

I was raised in a “Christian” church.  I was taught the Bible..I went to a Bible college and received a Biblical degree.

I no longer call myself “Christian” as that term has no more connection to a Christ-like way of life than does the word jackass.

I can recite cherry-picked verses with the best of them, but frankly what is the point?  If I don’t ACT and LIVE a Christ-like life then what, honestly, is the point?

I find far more honorable, CHRIST-LIKE people in faiths other than Christianity.

I can hear some of my Christian followers thinking “we’re not all that way” or “hey, Suze, that’s not fair to lump all of us into one hypocritical bag”……

and they are correct.  It isn’t right, and it isn’t fair…but is that not EXACTLY what “Christians” do to people of Muslim faith?  or no faith?

Take that log out of your eye, my friends.

Am I a hypocrite?  yes, I am…I have to work at NOT being one.

Am I judgmental?  that would be a huge “well, DUH! of course”.  Again, I have to work at that fault each and every day.

It occurs to me that if all those who call themselves Christian and say they follow the Bible would just shut up for a few minutes and LOVE they’d have a lot more people wanting to hear the “word”.

But they refuse to do that.  It takes away from their ability to be better than everyone else.

It is impossible to judge while loving…..it is impossible to come off as an arrogant SOB while loving.



20 thoughts on “I do not like Christians.

    1. Had a strongly worded message from one this morning..full of vitriol and curses of my imminent departure to Hell.

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      1. Hahaha😂😂Just say that man Hallelujah

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  1. Thank you for this. I could not agree more 🙂

    No person, whatever their religion, has the right to dictate what another person wears or reads, who they love or what they do with their own body. Many use ‘religion’ simply to try to justify their own prejudices.

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  2. What is amazing to me is how those who claim to be Christians, particularly evangelical Christians, can still support Donald Trump, who is the epitome of everything that Christians claim to be sinful and who is the polar opposite of Christ’s teachings. Any Christian who supports Trump is a total hypocrite.

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  3. Amen. I was raised a Catholic, even going to Catholic schools through high school. Since graduation though? I’m a non-practicing non-denominational since. I believe in spirituality, but not religion. Atrocities and corruption and segregation have been the hallmarks of ALL organized religion since the dawn of…well, organized religion. To each their own, but I refuse to believe in a god who says one human is ok and “saved” while excluding others. Period. Just my opinion on the matter.

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  4. I am not too sure what to say about this post. I tend to say silent when people talk about religion, in general. Not because I don’t know anything about it, nor because it doesn’t interest me. I just feel that religion/spirituality is something very intimate. I often wondered why I had developed this feeling so early in life…. This is why. Because I live in the shadow of a bunch of morons. I will not discuss exactly what I beleive in or not, and I do not reply to your post to make you uncomfortable, Suze. God knows (figure of speach) how much I love you, and how close I came to not writing this. But even if I understand your thoughts, and who exactly you are ranting about, this still reminded me how people “don’t like me” without even knowing it. And you could say “you’re an exception, you’re not like ‘them’!” But I think that, as for all religions, religion is not the problem. Extremists are the problem. People who are willing to give up thinking for the sake of their God are the problem. And, yes, there are a looooot of them in the States. I understand why many people think like you. I’ve seen horrible documentaries about Christians in America. But when I read “I don’t like Christians” I still feel that finger pointed at me, and my family, and many friends of mine. And it is not a fun thing to feel.

    I’m sorry, I probably should’ve kept this to myself, as I usually do. I just ‘had’ to say something…

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    1. and I am glad you did. And I am so sorry for making you feel uncomfortable. Actually, I believe religion is exactly the problem though. Spiritual people, those truly connected to God or Jesus or whomever do NOT act this way.

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      1. No worries, Suze… It is not you. I have absolutely no hard feeling. It’s just a delicate subject for me, and I usually prefer to just keep quiet. *Big hugs*

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  5. I think people hide behind their religions some of the most ungodly people in the world follow like sheep. I am a Christian, I am a spiritual being too. I believe in love and human kindness. I do understand where your coming from but not everyone who follows their chosen faith are bad people. 🌹

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  6. My perspective on this is different. While I am atheist, I often have much more to say that critiques moderate Christianity, as that was the brand that I grew up with. I don’t take the phrase “it’s only bad if it’s extreme” seriously as a result.

    I nevertheless completely understand how you feel. I think we need to be come more empathetic and humanist in our approach.

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  7. I read somewhere, years ago, that we should look kindly on those people who need religion in order to feel a connection with other people, the universe or a higher power – Spirituality. Old souls that have perfected that connection without religion should be patient with those souls who haven’t gotten there yet.

    I loved that explanation and it makes it easier for me to accept them. Yes, there is rampant hypocrisy and greed and deceptions, but it is providing learning opportunities and many of those souls will grown from the experience.

    I’m no saint though and sometimes I wish I could bash someone in the head. Maybe that’s a learning opportunity for me. :o)

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    1. I love what you wrote..and maybe if I repeat it enough to myself I will find some sort of common ground (somewhere? MAYBE?) and the inner rant will dissipate. If not, then an iron skillet should help enormously!

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      1. Haha! It’s not always easy – and the closer they are the less easy it becomes. I have aunts and uncles and cousins that are Mormons but I manage to keep them at arms length. My mother kept giving them my address and phone number until I finally told her to stop. The irony here is that if I wanted to be part of their church, they would kick me out because I swear and curse and drink and have coffee. :o)

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      2. I have no problems with the little old ladies or the young men that show up at my door and want to “discuss the Bible” with me. I don’t agree with them, and generally wish they would actually READ the bible before coming but I am always fairly polite and will discuss things for hours.I have zero problem with people who go to church and live a godly life as well as they can, who honestly have faith. I DO however have humongous problems with those I see going into the liquor store Saturday night and bringing out bag after bag then tell me I shouldn’t drink as it is against God’s law. Or get a tatoo as I am marking myself for the devil. Or the ones who go into government and use their ‘faith” as a sledgehammer to beat women, kids, gays, etc down with religiously based laws….all the while carrying on behind their own families backs as if they were single.oops..back on my soapbox….sorry. And I USED to be a conservative! of course, I grew up and became educated.

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      3. I have to admit that it’s exactly these situations that I really have a problem with as well. :o) We all do what we can, whenever we can. I love your candor though. :o)

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  8. Lol and you told em girl! go you! rant away, I’m listening! xx

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