ok, so maybe I am a tiny bit compulsive

When I find something I like, whether it is clothing, colors or food I tend to ……..well……overdo it all just a tiny bit.

I have for the past three years been enthralled with scrub tops.

Yea, I know….SCRUB TOPS, Suze????? They have POCKETS!

I never knew before just how handy a pocket can be.  I never had pockets on clothing beyond jeans before…well, there were always pockets on my blazers and coats, but the blazers always had them sewn together so they were unusable and only hands were ever allowed in coat pockets…but POCKETS are so COOL!

You can stuff all kinds of things in them to carry from one room to another..or just put stuff in them so you actually have stuff you need when you need it…like a handkerchief (not that I use a handkerchief..you have to wash them after all..I prefer throw-away kleenix)

Anyway, scrub tops have pockets…two of them…and they are large enough to carry my stuff yet small enough to be unobtrusive.

And there are so many pretty print scrub tops now.

Recently it occurred to me that scrubs aren’t always the best tops to wear though (after I collected enough to fill an entire dresser drawer…28 of em actually), and it would behoove me to find another type of shirt. (don’t ya just LOVE the word behoove? Sounds like I have cow feet!)

So, I have been collecting materials to sew my own tops with pockets…only these will have no sleeves at all for the hot summers we “enjoy” in Oklahoma.

I also found (online) a tee shirt with pockets…so I sort of got a bunch of them in white………and I have been quite happily dying all these white pocketed tee shirts all sorts of pretty colors.

This morning, after dying the last two a bright pink and a sunny yellow, I thought I should probably stop.

It’s either stop purchasing tops to dye or I am going to need another dresser to hold them.


9 thoughts on “ok, so maybe I am a tiny bit compulsive

  1. Noooo!!! we must have our dying the shirts time!!!

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  2. I really like to have pockets, too. More so now, than a long time ago. I don’t know why…they’re just nice to carry things in. 🙂

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  3. I love pockets. If I go out, I have a pocketbook that is on a strap across my body and that is like a giant pocket that I do not need to carry in my hands. I guess the theme of ‘do not have to carry in my hands’ is big for me when I go out, since often I use a cane. So pockets carry all the other crap and good stuff I need. I lean towards zip-up hoodies with pockets though since it’s pretty cold here near Woodstock NY these days so that keeps me warm as a top layer plus has two big fat pockets that things do not fall out of.

    Good for you for making your own tops with pockets the way you want!

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  4. haha I love this!! Scrub tops are sooooooooo comfy… I totally agree!!!!!

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  5. Your posts always brighten my day, which is why I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Bloggers Award. Not sure if you participate in this kinda thing, I just thought your responses would be awesome!

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    1. thank you. After getting a rant from a reader who wanted me dead, this is such a breath of fresh air..and hope of survival! I am thrilled to accept! 😀

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      1. No! Seriously? I’ve been half-expecting some backlash about some of my posts, which is why I use humour to sweeten the impact. No one has the right to take away freedom of speech. Rise above it. Big hugs x

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      2. i will always rise………..lol

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