An explanation and apology

So I ranted………..and was left with a feeling of……….I didn’t get it out of my system; I just annoyed myself more than the original provocation that led to the rant. Now I am thinking I should rant again but this time rant about me instead of others…maybe I will feel better about the whole thing.

And maybe the people that follow me, and were hurt or dismayed by what I ranted about shall know I was not talking about them.

So I decided..pushed myself… into a rant reasoning. (I can see people stuttering out “whaaaat? Suze you did what?”)

Rant reasoning..or why did Suze lose it enough to denigrate an “entire class” of people?

So, in fairness..because I do try to be completely fair after all, here’s my reasoning behind the rant.

  1. Real followers of Jesus are kind, or they try really really hard to be.  They do NOT try to impose their beliefs on total strangers. They do not scream epithets at people of a different race or creed. They do NOT tell everyone around them at any given moment that Hell is the only option unless you believe exactly what they do.  They do NOT cherry-pick the Bible in an effort to show you how right THEY are and how very very WRONG you are. They do not look with utter disgust as women wearing hijab. They do not bomb abortion clinics. They do not picket military funerals.
  2. REAL followers of Jesus are loving.  It shines through in whatever they do. They are supportive of people even when they disagree with them.
  3. Real followers of Jesus are giving.  They give their time to making life better for others. They build homes, schools, clinics, dig wells for clean water, build roads. They don’t expect anything in return except to see a smiling face.
  4. Real followers of Jesus quietly LIVE the way that Jesus taught. They don’t look for approval from others, they just do what is right in their faith. They LOVE. They do not rant and rave about race, color, creed, lifestyles or sexual orientation. THEY LOVE.

All of the above are the reasons behind my rant. I have hit my emotional limit of dealing with the phony, the fake “Christians”.  The ones who use the Bible as a weapon against any and all who disagree with their own tiny concept of what following Jesus is supposed to be. I am completely disgusted by people who call themselves “Christian” then act like ancient Romans.

I am disgusted by people who say “the Bible is inherently true because God wrote it”.  Sorry, humans wrote it. HUMANS. Were they touched by God to write what they did? I don’t know, I wasn’t there. THE POINT is neither were YOU.  It can NOT be the absolute “truth” as it has been modified, mistranslated, altered, mistranslated AGAIN, had additions written in to completely alter the meaning, had books taken out because they didn’t go along with the party line of the Roman Catholic Church, changed Jesus from a man into a god..then a GOD….and for Pete’s sake don’t let me get started on the book of Revelations…that whole convoluted, insane speculation of a dream sequence brought about by poisoned rye bread..

I am disgusted by the “oh you poor thing” attitude of “Christians” who tell me I am going to Hell because of my beliefs. Who are condescending, arrogant and oh so self-righteous. The ones who cheat on their spouses then say “God will forgive me”, then go do it again. The ones who cheat people at work because they will be forgiven.

I am sickened by the ones who think they have a mandate to change our system of Government, our history, and ignore climate change because the country “was founded by Christians for Christians”. The ones that think they have to change laws because they are being “discriminated against” to laws that discriminate against everyone else.

I could rant about followers of Islam as well, but it was that “Christian” lady that told me I “was going to Hell”, that I “shouldn’t be allowed to raise children, or even give birth to one as the Earth doesn’t need any more of “your kind” roaming around perverting children with your blasphemy”, that I should be “pounded down into the dirt as you are nothing but dirt”, “that abortions should have been legal for your mother, the world would be so much better without an abomination like you!”.  She told me “someone should just kill you to rid the Earth of someone so disgusting”.

And just what did I say to bring about this rant of a comment?

I said “All religions are valid to those who believe”.

So, if I offended you, I deeply and most humbly apologize.



21 thoughts on “An explanation and apology

  1. Oh wow! But how do you REALLY feel? (FWIW, I agree with everything you wrote here.)

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    1. lol…..I know, I know……I need a life!

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  2. Suze, the only people who would be offended are those to whom your rant applies. You know I’m a Jesus freak and I read both your posts in 100% agreement. “As far as the east is from the west” describes the Christian institution which has totally bastardized the message of Jesus. Amazingly, that message is boldly printed in red in my KJV, it may not be verbatim, it may be nothing more than a concept presented by the authors for global peace, love, and compassion. I don’t worship the person of Jesus, I do my best to follow the concept of Jesus and so do you. (hey, lady, rants from you are always my first read in the morning, they get me jump-started.)

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  3. LOL, you were doing so well at the beginning, then you being you which I would never want to change let it all out guns blazing.

    Suze you have a place in heaven
    of that I have no doubt
    But when you finally get there
    Please remember not to shout
    You are such an educated woman
    that is plain to see
    I wouldn’t change a thing about you
    Because you amuse us all


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    1. oops? I tried…I really really tried. But I got angry at that hypocrite all over again. sigh…I should stick to limericks. Loved your poem by the way!

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      1. Lol, I know I could feel your angst building, I love you Suze just the way you are 🌹

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  4. Opps last line a bit dodgy been painting too much 😬

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  5. I agree with everything you said here. With all my kids and grandkids we discuss everything. Some go to church regularly. I don’t. I remember something my mom told me, you don’t need a church to talk to god, you can pray in a closet if you want. And the fact that the book was written by men, who are fallible, always comes to mind when people find anything they want to justify their actions, good or bad, by interpreting the words written there. Ok, done for now. Btw, this is YOUR blog, you can write anything you choose! It’s we lucky people who get to read it! 👍🏻👏🏻💞

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  6. Aw….what horrible things to say! To anyone! And since I don’t have any great words that will plug the bleeding, here is an Irish Blessing:

    May those who love us, love us;
    And for those who don’t love us,
    May God turn their hearts;
    And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
    May He turn their ankles,
    So we will know them by their limping!

    PS: I’m not Irish, unfortunately, but a blessing is a blessing and may the woman who spoke so horribly to you twist her ankle so you’ll know her next time. :o) Hugs.

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    1. thanks for the blessing and the laughter! I wish I had remembered earlier that laughter is the best revenge against maroons……

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      1. I don’t know who said it – maybe Mark Twain – but “always smile at your enemies because it confuses them”. Also, Voodoo. Never over look the usefulness of VooDoo when you’ve been wronged. This woman, for instance, could probably benefit with a sharp pain in her neck for a month or chronic Halitosis. Here’s a link:

        PS: I’ve probably befuddled the hell out of that quote.

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      2. roflmao…………oh voodoo! Now why didn’t I think of that? could have saved a whole lot of editing to take out the meanness in the post!

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      3. DON’T tell your spouse you are considering the benefits of VooDoo because you may need to stick a pin or two in a doll that looks like him. Also, if he suspects it’s you poking pins in his ass, he may decide to get a VooDoo doll of you. Once you both have dolls it can only lead to Competitive VooDoo whereby both of you hide in small spaces and poke pins in the dolls while howling at your own pain. I almost made this mistake but thankfully a fellow blogger pointed out the risk. :o) The Viking still doesn’t understand why his back aches every once in a while. ;o)

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      4. I dunno…that hiding in a closet while poking George sounds kind of good even if i get poked in return….oh wait. That didn’t sound quite right. I sew better than he does, so his doll of me would probably have an arm fall off…then where would I be? I can’t wander around with just one arm…my shirts wouldn’t look right.

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      5. Yes, VooDoo is fraught with dangers like an arm falling off. That’s why I only use it in the most dire of circumstances. You might consider just getting the doll that is shown in the above link and a sewing pin and when someone gets out of line wave it around in front of their face. Like this: GIPHY

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      6. OMG! I LOVE that expression! Am off to find a mirror to practice it now!

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  7. Awesome post and so spot on! I imagine the person was an evangelical with their twisted views. They’ve mostly achieved cult status that lot…

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