my wedding vows

I have been blessed with a husband of incredible sense of humor.  he loves limericks as much as I do,…couldn’t write them to save his soul, but will laugh hysterically at whatever I come up with.

It was my second marriage and his first and we did things just a little bit differently. It was a bit past the age of couples making up their own vows, but the Pastor at George’s church had known us both since childhood and gave us permission.

So, as I mentioned in a comment to a lovely blogger (Mrs.Completely) I wrote my own vows and George and I said them in church…much to the dismay of some and extreme delight of others.


(George) A man named George was blessed

to see his Suze so dressed

all in sparkling white

her countenance a delight

upon this man so stressed.

(Suzan) Suze loved her man in Army Blue

and never would she rue

the day they came together

both with a sprig of heather (George and Suze wave heather sprigs at everyone watching)

to share their lives anew.

(George) I will love you forever he said

her reply made him drop his head

(Suzan) I take you for spouse

and lovingly will keep your house

until one of us falls down dead.  (the pastor nearly snorted with laughter by this point)

(George) I take you for my wife

to love for all my life

I will bring you chocolate

never hide any in my pock-olets (My dad nearly fell over laughing here)

and rarely give you strife.

(George and Suzan) with these vows we pray

to meet each and every day

with joy and laughter

raised high to the rafters

our lives to enhance with play.

(The pastor could barely catch his breath to pronounce us man and wife.)


11 thoughts on “my wedding vows

  1. ROTFL. That is so outrageously hilarious and beautifully sweet. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. i never throw away any important paperwork…this poor old wrinkled and torn piece of yellow legal paper with the hen scratches is my most valued object.

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      1. Have you thought about laminating it and/or framing it? Cool stuff!

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      2. i was thinking about having it printed….then I could frame it. it’s a mess!


  2. You are so lucky to be blessed so. May you have many many many more happy years together.

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  3. Love that, you two are truly made for each other 🌹🌹

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  4. Hello!!! I have nominated you (yes you!) for the Versatile blogger award!! I’d be absolutely honoured if you could accept it but I completely understand if you’d rather not – this is just me letting you know that I think your blog is fab! 🙂


  5. Does he have a brother?

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    1. he has three of them..all taken though! sorry

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  6. Hilarious! 😝😝

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