Versatile Blogger Award, Feb 2, 2018

Okay, so I admit it…I squealed like a little girl when I read that Non-Alcoholic Student nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Yes, I did….I was thinking I could record the sound and somehow put it into this post, then realized I have absolutely NO IDEA how to do that. And since it would involve computery stuff (of which I have zero clue) I’d better not play around trying to figure it out., This is the last blog site I own after all. I really don’t wish to blow it up like Suziland.

So rules……there are 2 of them…TWO. That’s it. I am left wondering though if I can actually stick to them. I mean really, do people expect ME to follow them all? (Shush Suze)

the Rules:

  • Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 amazing bloggers for the award.

Dang it……..okay, here goes…except what on Earth can I tell anyone about me that I haven’t already told about me?

7. I once sang backup with Black Oak Arkansas. this song….in a studio……….sigh I had the biggest crush on Tommy Aldridge…….

6. I was a bikini dancer in a bar called Suzie-Q’s in the early 80’s outside of Ft Campbell, Ky.

5. I worked as a docent at the Mary Washington House (George’s mama) in Fredericksburg Virginia.  It was great!  I’d drive to work in 18th century garb, complete with a hundred (it felt like a hundred) petticoats and a mob cap, driving a stick shift VW. You had to be REALLY coordinated to drive while wearing those dresses!

Amy W at MW house
Mary Washington House

4. I worked at Scarborough Faire in Waxahachie, Tx for two summers selling garb I had created and sewn.

3.  I have lived through 8 hurricanes, two forest fires, 2 landslides, one tornado, 1 mudslide, numerous earthquakes and four floods. I’m pretty sure I am due for a break anytime now.

2. My hair has been brown, red, blonde, white, pink, purple, turquoise, and I was bald. Now, it is just plain white. I am thinking bald is the way to go.

1. I’d rather go yard saleing than have a shopping spree at a high end store..I’d rather go camping than spend time at a resort…and I’d rather ride a camel than take a bus.


Fifteen nominees huh?  Okay, totally skipping the fifteen names here.  If you followed me since December 1st, 2018 then YOU are nominated. Each and every one of you! You know who you are.  All of you deserve the chance to babble about yourselves and we all want to read whatever you babble about!

23 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award, Feb 2, 2018

  1. Congrats again, Suze 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m with you with the bald thing. I have such thin hair, that even if it is all shiny and soft, I sometimes think about shaving it all! Maybe I could get a nice viking-like tattoo on my skull like that dragon-top-model gal (Google Eve Salvail) And think about all the sympathy I’d get from people who don’t know me, thinking I am sick! LOL

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    1. people everywhere thought I was sick..I shaved my head to celebrate a client’s making it a full year without drugging.

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      1. Aww that’s a cool gesture! I almost did it when my best friend was fighting cancer. When she started losing her hair, I promised myself that I would shave my head if she had to shave hers… But she didn’t in the end…

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  2. Well I guess that is me nominated then?

    Love your sense of humour though mildly disappointed that the pictures did not include the bikini dancing….

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    1. yes sir! that would be YOU! I couldn’t find a pic of me bikini dancing. sorry

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  3. Congratulations Size. Nice to meet you better

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  4. Point three had me reeling with laughter! You most definitely deserve a break 😂

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  5. Suzie-Q’s? There’s an entire week’s worth of posts on that topic, im sure. 😃😃

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    1. I didn’t own it, I just danced there! lol

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      1. Oh, I got what you were saying. There’s still a week’s worth of posts from that experience, I’m sure. I know Fort Campbell. 😃

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      2. not sure the world is ready for those posts! lol

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      3. Hahaha! Highly entertaining, I’m sure. 😃😃


  6. You are versatile indeed 😉😉

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  7. You sure have had some interesting times! We could do without any more of the #3 days, and I agree with #1 for sure! 🙂

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  8. Congratulations dear! Very interesting facts 😜😜

    Aren’t you participating in Let it Bleed challenge this week? I’ve been waiting to read your post for almost a week now 🙈🙈 Here’s the link in case you missed it-

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    1. rats! I forgot all about it. It’s been a rather crazy week. Thanks for the link and the reminder!

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      1. Haha okay okay dear! Anytime 😇

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  9. Yikes. You’re getting tons of blog awards. Good for you. All well deserved!

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