every now and then

I miss a few (or a bunch) prompts..you know those little words or phrases, though mostly words since Krista got so lazy about them…that are posted daily to give your mind something to think upon and possible cause your fingers to explode while typing so fast you are no longer thinking? Was that a real question? or a statement? I confused myself!

Prompts……..oh yea.  So I posted about a few I missed…for probably the fifth or sixth time….and one of the comments I got was:

“I am not a fan of prompts usually, since many of the folks I read follow some of the same blogs so there can be countless people forcing themselves to come up with some photo or poem or whatsis about a word that means nothing to them or me, or, worse yet, actually making something with sewing or knitting or quilting that means nothing to them, just to go along with a prompt of some sort. This one of yours today is pretty funny, but in general I would say do it if you want to, and don’t if you don’t.”

Which I thought was totally cool, sort of funny and maybe even completely rational in a good way.

Then I got this one “I totally missed many prompts . . life will go on . . somehow 😉


That one made me think…I am pretty sure it was that winking face that did it….winks always seem to bring about something HUGE………but what of it doesn’t?

What if LIFE STOPS somewhere because I forgot a prompt?

What if I end up creating a tiny wormhole or a mini-black hole that sucks some wordpress writers into it????


I asked Poor George what I should do about it but only received grumbling of a Teutonic  nature.

So after much deep thought and mind-bending what-ifs, I made up my mind. (I do SO make up my mind!)

I am creating a Department of Blogland Security.

I am appointing BiffSockPow as the Director of Blogland Security…he just SOUNDS like he could protect all of wordpress from mini black holes!

The Assistant Director of Blogland Security is Cyranny (I do so believe that women are just as capable as men and she can keep BSP under control.

My Main security team will consist of Robert (he will keep everyone sober), Larry (Ditto), Red (because she is already dealing with fools on a daily basis), and Sonofabeach…because he has a cool name.


36 thoughts on “every now and then

  1. Yay!! Do we get to wear a uniform?? Hey Biiiiff Bifbifbifbifbifbif, did you see that?? We get to work together!! How cool is that! (for me :P)

    Thanks Suze, for the trust you put in me and the rest of the crew! I’ll will do my best to keep the Bloggosphere a safer place!! Yay!!

    *Jumping around like a kid*

    Do I get handcuffs??? Oh fun! fun! fun!

    (are you all sure you want me in charge of security? LOL)

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    1. handy-dandy handcuff kit is in the mail (hoping she will believe that!). YES you should be in charge of bloggery security. You need to remember though..if you see a black hole, send Biff in FIRST! lol

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      1. Mouahahahaha of course! He’s the chief!!

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  2. Hahaha! Is my badge coming in the mail??? 😃😃

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    1. Oh yeah!!! I forgot badges!!! We need badges too!!!!

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      1. Well, I forgot about handcuffs, so thank you. And I sure hope I get to taze somebody! 😃😃

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      2. I say we taze OM first!

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      3. good plan. we need to test them

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      4. I am preparing a picture battle against him… I’ll zap him when I post it!!

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      5. The coup is so on. 🤙🏻

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      6. I’ll zap him with a cha-cha swing… he won’t see me coming!!

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      7. Perfect! Then who? 🤔

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      8. Do you have anybody in mind?

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      9. Not sure. Gotta think big though. 🤔

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      10. Ben!!!!!!!! As one of his minions, I should be able to get to the couch pretty easily 😛

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      11. ohhhhhhh tasers! Where can i find them? Do I need to pass a test to get them or can I just go ask any policeman to give me theirs?

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      12. Don’t they have them at WalMart? This could be a problem. 🤔

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      13. wally world has tasers? I know they have BB guns and fishing poles….can I interest you in a fishing pole instead?

        Liked by 1 person

      14. How ’bout a paintball gun? That’d be cool. 😃

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      15. I know I may be getting a bit too technical for you here….but, will a paintball actually do anything to a black hole? concentrate!

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      16. I have my doubts. 😏

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      17. wait a second….will a taser work on a black hole?

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    2. of course it is…..remember, if you see a black hole…biff goes in first!

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  3. UMMMMMM, I am not sure about being kept sober, infact I dislike that an awful lot, what will happen to my wine with dinner or my wine with lunch. Shit, what about my breakfast wine :-p

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    1. did you just….GASP!…VOLUNTEER for duty with the Blogosphere Security forces? Are you insane?

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      1. please note…I am NOT part of the security force…wine is needed to deal with them!…maybe not breakfast wine..unless it is whine. then go for it


      2. Oh if he is just keeping you lot sober, thats fine. I am happy here,far far away

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  4. OKAY people….we all need to focus here. Wally World does not sell tasers without a valid ID…and since I refuse to tell them WHY I need seventeen tasers and extra tasery ammo, and I don’t want this sale on my personal record (I have after all been protecting that personal record since grade school) someone else needs to buy them. Now, can I interest anyone in a ping pong paddle instead?


  5. You are weird, Suze. But in a good way, of course.

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    1. thanks sweetie….I actually LIKE being wierd. I rather think of it though as an overabundance of charm, wit and curiosity! lol

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  6. According to multiverse theory, there exists world is which you WROTE ALL THE PROMPTS!

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    1. OMG Jay! My head is going to explode!

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