More bypassed prompts……….

I KNOW. I really do…okay, I missed some prompts.  I shouldn’t be sitting here in front of this blasted computer feeling GUILTY of all things.

It isn’t like they are Mandates…no, they are prompts.  Something to get your brain started…not something you are required to do upon pain of punishment and horrible futures!

So why am I sitting here feeling bad anyway?

I don’t even LIKE the words. It isn’t as if I didn’t SEE them on the days Krista posted them…it’s that they do NOTHING for my brain!

Nope, not even a sliver of thought comes from them.  And yet, here I am kicking myself and thinking if I don’t write about them it is going to haunt me.


Okay, maybe if I just write them down here, they will stop making me feel horrible for ignoring them. It’s worth a shot.

Sympathize  Puzzled  Profuse  Conveyor

Well darn.  No, that didn’t help.  Maybe I can just do them all in one sentence…………………


I am PUZZLED as to the reason you SYMPATHIZE with that CONVEYOR of PROFUSE prevarication and bluster!


TADA! Turns out all I had to do was think of Paul Ryan!


20 thoughts on “More bypassed prompts……….

  1. Great word usage, Suze. They led me to think of a bunch of people in DC

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  2. I am not a fan of prompts usually, since many of the folks I read follow some of the same blogs so there can be countless people forcing themselves to come up with some photo or poem or whatsis about a word that means nothing to them or me, or, worse yet, actually making something with sewing or knitting or quilting that means nothing to them, just to go along with a prompt of some sort. This one of yours today is pretty funny, but in general I would say do it if you want to, and don’t if you don’t.

    I give so much unsolicited advice lately–

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  3. Concise, thorough, and spot on!

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  4. I totally missed many prompts . . life will go on . . somehow 😉

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    1. but….but what if by missing a prompt (or seven) we create a tiny black hole in the blogging universe that ends up sucking people’s blog off into ….well….NOTHING! I just can’t be responsible for that!

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      1. What if each missed prompt sets up a black hole which, when properly fed, will suck one criminal out of our government?!?!

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      2. OMG! That’s almost too good to even contemplate! A moron into a black hole equals what though? do two take the place of the one? Black holes are really wierd ya know….


      3. Hmm . . I think it’s only logical for a seasoned blogger to automatically replace each moron!!

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      4. well, in that case…I am off to create some black holes for cyranny et al to muck about with…oh crap. A dangling participial! Now I have to fix it or incur the wrath of the bloggery gods!


      5. Um . . depending on what part of the country you’re from that may simply have created another black hole (some areas, for example, are known for ending sentences in prepositions) . . remember we need black holes!!

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      6. dang…I am getting a headache!

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      7. It is decidedly becoming necessary to create rules for creating black holes thus making the creation of black holes tiresome 😰😂🌼

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      8. I hate rules…………I mean..seriously I totally HATE them! I can’t even keep the rule that I make up for myself, much less someone else’s rules…….can we use black hole suggestions instead? I am more likely to try those.


      9. Yes . . rules, like we have to walk on sidewalks instead of streets in order to control me . . why????
        *stuttering in corner*
        Ok, breathing again . . yes, suggestions, kinda like how stop signs work😉? I can do suggestions . .

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      10. okay… we have agreed upon suggestions. I think we should now suggest that BIFFSOCKPOW uses his hand-dandy handcuffs to arrest the first black hole.

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