new flags………this is so cool!

I discovered a couple of newish flags today on the WP map thingy….yes, i did too!

They are:


European Union



Now for those who know nothing about these countries, let me educate you for just a moment.

Let’s start with European Union. It isn’t a country at all!

How is it possible for WordPress to get something so…well….wrong???? And hoe did the European Union get a flag for gosh sakes?  Where do they plant it?  One in each country that is represented?

All I can figure out is that it is a money thingy.and seemingly not a good money thingy either!  Not sure what this cartoon says, but it can’t be good.


It is not a country at all. So where is it? Where is this stranded tourist logging in?  There’s no telling………..he or she (or it, let’s be complete here Suze) could be logging in from anywhere!

So how can I count this anyway? Just throw a dart and see where it lands? long stick short stick? toss a coin?  This is really rather mean of WP……….it’s going to drive me a bit bonkers until I come to some sort of resolution here.

Okay…NEXT! Finland.

(instead of looking up Finland I asked the five year old next door to tell me all about it)

“Finland? That’s where everybody gots a sharks! And big teeth! And they don’t swim they fly and get people bonks on the head with their flappy fins when they fly over them! I saw one yesterday and he smacked Carson in the head, and the teacher said it was me, not a Finland person shark!”


and thank you Sam for that wonderful Geography lesson!

and finally BULGARIA. 

Pretty much the only thing I know about Bulgaria is that it is next to Macedonia and for the past 15 years have had a Neo-Nazi march through some town…this annoys not only the Bulgarians but everyone around them.

So, for my buddies from these countries…THANK you for visiting.

I just hope you visited a post that was worthy of a visit.  Most of them aren’t ya know.

40 thoughts on “new flags………this is so cool!

  1. I e been getting from Jersey recently. Not New Jersey. I’d never seen that one. 😃

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    1. Jersey is the island that the Nazi’s invaded during the waters between france and england…they made Jersey cows…did ya know that? huh? huh?

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      1. I knew it was between France and England and that it was an island. That’s about it though. Oh, and my neighbors raise Jerseys, so I’m familiar with the breed. Does that count? 😃

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      2. why yes it does. I would go so far as to say you are FAR more brilliant than the majority!

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      3. Ha! Here’s another flag I got recently: 🇬🇬
        Its Guernesey. I don’t know much about that one. 😃

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      4. What the heck? I got Guernsey too…it is some medieval sort of thing and not a country at all!

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      5. Really? They’ve created their own land! Brilliant! 😃

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  2. The EU? Really? *shakes head*
    The “Finland” explanation is brilliant.

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    1. I want to go to finland now…I think people with fins would be really cool. Not sure what that EU thing was about. How can a monetary connection be rated as a country here, and just in tarnation is that reader hiding?

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      1. Political propaganda. WordPress must be sponsored by the lobbyists. *insert more conspiracy theories* Let’s play a game of “where’s Walley”!

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      2. is that like where’s waldo????? cause I suck at that game……

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      3. well, crap. sure why not. I will just suck it up then….sigh

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  3. Today I have one from “Macau SAR China” that looks like a green flag with a whitish middle. I also do not know why sometimes provinces/non-countries/geographical areas that are not countries show flags, but they are attractive and interesting.

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    1. how neat! Okay, now I am wondering how to attract a person from Macao here! lol

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      1. You may just by me going here and mentioning it, and then I will get your Bulgarian perhaps. The other folks for me today are mainly US, Canada, some other Europe bits, but that was an unusual one. I have no idea how it all works. Some days i have forty views, some days a dozen or so, and it all confuses me since the size of the country seems to expand due to the number of people as opposed to the actual geography, so I feel like it is fake news in its way.

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      2. Aren’t yours a little odd too? They seem to grow and get darker or lighter according to how many folks are from there that day.

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      3. I don’t know. I only glance them every month or year or so. It just a way to annoy other bloggers……………lol

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      4. Well, check it out and see if they are odd for you too, or if I am just making it up somehow…

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      5. I looked…………..and I will check it again later. I think you may be right. wierd!

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      6. I wish it just helped us learn geography, since no one remembers it and it’s useful. I don’t want it to be that it shows Lithuania or Monaco as the biggest part of Europe if it isn’t, just because four people from there visited or something–

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  4. Congrats, Suze!! The EU flag bugs me too… I’ve seen it every now and then and I am beginning to think it must be a spy-blogger logging in… or something like that!

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    1. BLACK HOLE ALERT!!! *cue “wazoogaaaaaaaaaaaa” sound* black hole alert! the EU is a ruse to access WP blogland! Security!

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      1. I’m paging Biff, Sonofa, Larry, Robert and Red!!!!

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      2. good girl. remember…push Biff in first!

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      3. LOL but what if we lose him that way? Maybe we could bring someone of absolutely no interest, and throw him first, if needed? I have someone in mind, and I think you’d agree 😛

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      4. sure are, after all, the asst director……..

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      5. I was thinking DT… ?

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      6. OMG! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      7. I knew you’d like my idea…. see, that’s why you’ve put me in charge with Biff! He’s too kind, he wouldn’t be game to do it… As a crazy moose-head, I am afraid of nothing!

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  5. Hello my chum! I have tagged you in the TMI tag thing! And I would be most honoured if you would jolly on over and partake in a spot o’ question answering!
    (that was far more posh than I had intended!)

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    1. ohhhlala! I LIKE posh! thanks hun! be right there.

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  6. I love Sam’s idea of Finland! Have him do one for each country, please!

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  7. I love your little buddy’s answers. Smart kid! 🙂 … I’ve been wondering about those flag things…whenever we get one of those spam notices, do they get a flag on our map, too? Weird, if they do.

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    1. oh goodness, I hope they don’t get a flag! I would hate to try to figure out the real flags from fake ones!


      1. Yeah, me too! It’s probably impossible anyway. Oh, about Bulgaria…I’ve had a real sweet girl from there who I met on Twitter, and now we are FB friends for quite a few years. She’s from Sofia, and has given me some recipes and words to say in Bulgarian Sadly,I’ve forgotten them now. She’s a teen, though, so mostly she posts about pop stars!

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