Do I now have your attention?ย  I figure Cyranny is paying attention right now…that word always manages to awaken her for some reason. She is a creature of habit after all.

Seriously, Charlie? I have a headache!

I wasn’t planning on writing about sex at all actually. I just wanted to see how many people would show up to see whatever I wrote with SEX AND MORE SEX!!! as the title of a post.

It seems it is Superbowl Sunday.ย  I don’t care. I don’t even know who is playing…am I am not even sure if it is football or something else. (Of course I know, that was an exaggeration to see if you were paying attention).

I have been thinking about black holes actually and whether ignoring the daily post prompt of the day is what causes them…and if they suck idiots into them so an intelligent blogger can take their place….and whether I made a mistake ordering all those tasers from Wally World for BiffSockPow, Cyranny, Sonofabeach et al.

Mrs.Completely seems to think the tasers might be a good plan….but I am still not sure just how effective they are against blogging black holes….and on an aside, I am wondering if I used to be related to the Mrs.. Her last name is the same as my baby sister’s ex-husband’s name and it is sort of rare to see it spelled the way the Mrs. spells it.

I was seriously considering just getting the Department of Blogland Security some fishing poles and handcuffs, but no one else seems to think they will be adequate for the blackhole attacking jobs……….

Anyway…………that’s where my mind has been since last night…not on football at all.




18 thoughts on “SEX! AND MORE SEX!!!!

  1. The taser may not work against the black hole itself, but it’d make tossing in a replacement for you a lot easier. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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      1. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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  2. Hmm. This sounds too hard for me right now, and I’m not being paid to contemplate it, thank goodness, so good luck with it and I’ll wonder out somewhere else. la la la la

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  3. What was that reference at the beginning of the post? LOL Where did you take that?? Mouahahahahaha You silly Madame Suze, making me look like a sex seeking kinda girl??

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      1. Well actually, I spotted your post in my Reader… I saw the title, and then my name, and I went “Whuuuut??” LOL and yes, I clicked. You win! I guess… ๐Ÿ˜›

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      2. Love you too!! xx


      3. But it has nothing to do with SEX!

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      4. absolutely NOT! It’s a grandmotherly type on this side of the amorphous border……… although you are really cute.

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      5. I love it, when you forget to put on your glasses Mouahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah *snort* Hahahahahahahahahahaha LOL Ha!

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  4. Now check how many people unfollowed you for promising lots and lots of sex and not delivering!

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    1. yea, I know. But I figured those 17 bazillion peopl eweren’t reading anyway! lol

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  5. Hmm . . maybe cattle prods Cattle prod . .
    And I like to request live streaming of all black hole discards!!

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    1. Where’s my assistant director!?! We have an alert! All civilians report to your computers and START BLOGGING!

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  6. I came for the sex reference. I stayed for the tasers.

    Also, I appreciate the peacock pic. Apparently those are very popular on the internet.

    I just hope no one gets peacock blocked.

    (Okay, I’m done. That’s all I’ve got right now. I feel like I should light up a cigarette.)

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