What kind of person………………

actually goes to the trouble to look up a blogger’s email address……….and then send this sort of thing?

Now, I know I tend to annoy people……….and I have received “hate’ mail before….but this one sort of shocked me.

In any event, the original has been printed out and taken to the local constabulary for assessment.

I deliberately cut out the specific threats…let’s just say I would rather NOT have my head bashed with a brick, thank you very much.

And for whomever wrote this?? be aware that I NEVER back down from my beliefs, and I WILL keep on writing whatever I darned well please whenever I so please. Just don’t read them if they annoy you.

38 thoughts on “What kind of person………………

    1. lol…….never realized before how powerful I am that I now get hate mail! roflmao

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  1. I’ve come across plenty of sites I don’t like. Do I make a fuss? No, I simply ‘unfollow’ or make a mental note not to re-visit. I live in a free country and I respect the rights of others to express their views. So what if we don’t see eye-to-eye, it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry. However, I draw the line at violence / death threats, that needs to be reported. As Dave Allen used to say, “May your God go with you.”

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  2. And I think you can ban them from your site.

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    1. ohhhhhh, I never thought of that. thanks Jane!

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    2. You can? I haven’t seen the option. In fact, I think I remember it being said on the forums that you can’t. But please let me know if you find it to be an option. I don’t need it now, but might in the future.

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      1. Go to your Stats page, click Followers in the top right hand corner to bring up the list of names, to the right there is the option to ‘remove.’

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      2. Oh, I know you can “remove” them. But does that keep them from commenting on your page without being a follower? Or does that keep them from re-following you if they realize what happened?

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      3. No idea. I thought this would do the trick, I didn’t want to try it out and run the risk of losing one of my followers.

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      4. I can’t find any way to ban people.

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  3. What an asshole. And isn’t it just perfect that someone who criticizes your stance on god and religion only to threaten to bash your head in with a brick. That’s pretty typical, I’d say. They must not have read your comment about the bowling ball. 😏

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    1. IKR? I was just thinking “I wish i still had that bowling ball”. !!

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      1. Always kills me that the loudest spouters about god often act in an ungodly manner. Piss on them. 😠😠

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  4. Suze, are your FB posts public? You can set what amount of privacy you want. Nevertheless that is a prime example of “trolling”. They get their rocks off doing it. Hey, send him on over to Larry and Gabby. I had one of those following me on WP. I deleted him as a follower…no more trouble.

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    1. all my FB stuff can been seen by a friend only…and i have the wp posts set as friends only. so someone could have found it there…except they used my WP email addy and not the FB one. So it is someone that read it online through WP or email. I copied out all the wp email subscribers for the sheriff.


  5. Wow… I am speechless. This kind of person makes me realize how hard I try to rid my life of hate. It’s a feeling I just don’t want to feel. Ever.

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    1. yes, I know. I am now feeling sorry for the poor person. They can’t spell, and I figure they will have a stroke if they don’t learn to control themselves. Poor thing.

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      1. That’s my first feeling when people are agressive, whatever the reason, on social media (I’m not talking about rants, when we know there is a second level to the thing… Or when it is clearly just entertainment!)

        I mean, how unhappy must you be to feel compelled to throw such rage at someone you don’t even know?… Sad.

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  6. What’s an absolute tool. I would see that as a badge of honour myself and I look forward to the day when I get a letter like that. Fingers crossed you’ll give me the opportunity to reply and send him my address and welcome him round that would be great fun

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    1. I never thought of it that way Michael…if I find out who it is, I shall be sure and suggest they visit you too…..lol


  7. Sorry I didn’t mean give me the opportunity to reply to him I meant if I had my own pet troll then I would love to reply. stupid voice to text I use really does let me down sometimes

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  8. How very Christian of them – not. Oh the irony.

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  9. When I got my first hate email, my friend informed me that only the best and the brightest bloggers get those type of things 😉

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    1. Oh wow! I am really SPECIAL!! Thanks sweetie!

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      1. I’m glad you are taking it with your usual sense of humour. Just remember, they are cockwombles and you are amazing

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  10. Criticism is a part of this job😉

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  11. My first impression is much like other responders–this person is sick. And how depressing it is that a human being would take up even the smallest amount of time to write such junk. But then I read the email again and noticed the 2nd line phrase, “…where people read it1” He typed a 1 instead of !–which means he didn’t press the “shift” key hard enough on his key board. I thought about that. Why does that say about this violent-minded man?

    He was typing in a hurry. that suggests that he was nervous or scared or drunk. He didn’t edit, which also strongly suggests a lack of pride on his part. It may also reflect the sad fact that he doesn’t read much to begin with. He’s conflicted–deeply. Perhaps not well-educated, overly emotional, needs constant oversight, feels that criticism of his belief is an attack on him personally. Hence his threat of dire action. Hmmm, this is beginning to sound like someone we all know!

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    1. oh crap………..i just had a thought of who it could be then. dang it.

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      1. On the more serious side (seeing that “1” I just couldn’t help myself.) I’m glad you took the email to be evaluated. I’m glad you’re pushing back. I much admire you!

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  12. they are crazy and disturbed and sick! glad you took action! way to go girl! you show em! ❤

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