It was laughingly suggested……….

that I ask Sam (the five year old next door) about the various countries that are on my little WP map. It worked so well for the other post, after all.

Thanks Harini for the suggestion. Go check her out…love her blog!

I thought about it for perhaps five minutes, grabbed a notebook and pen and rushed over to see if his mom would let me (once again) interview him.

She, being a far-thinking and resourceful mom, said “sure, for five bucks”.

So five dollars more in debt, I asked Sam about the following countries.  Enjoy!

Spelling is off in some places…I tried to get his exact pronunciations for you all!


Canada:   “that’s the place where only the daddies are allowed to have cans of stuff, like beans or beer. It’s cold so no refigedaters are there”

India: “it’s next to the Walmart” (we have an Indian reservation west of us, and it is indeed past the walmart!

Pakistan: “Everybody has a suitcase there to carry stuffed animals and cookies to work.” 

Germany: “There are lots and lots of doctors and nurses there. Does Mr George work there? He’s a nurse. He makes people better, he said so”

Sweden:  “Sweden. They gots meatballs. They are good too..except the dog doesn’t like them. I put one up my nose.” (his mother interrupted to say “no, Sam that was a marble, not a meatball” to which Sam replied “They taste the same Mom”


I was laughing by this time and forgot to ask about the other two countries on my list.  I think I shall just have to save  Qatar and hong Kong for later. Lord only knows what he will say about them!


14 thoughts on “It was laughingly suggested……….

  1. So funny how kids perceive things. Some of the funniest lines I ever heard came from young kids who were totally serious.

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  2. I love how kids describe things. He gave some interesting replies here. I did this with my girls when they were little, asking random words and things, then made a booklet of them, along with some of their early drawings, and some photos. It’s still fun to read them. 🙂

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    1. I printed up my posts and gave them to Sam’s mom……

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    2. What an ingenious idea!

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  3. Oh my…. thank you for the good long laugh Suze!!! I usually would give credit for my 7h30 wake up phone call, and key searching session, but nah… I would have laughed as much, even with a good night of sleep!! LOL

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  4. I laughed out loud. You should rent this kid more regularly, if it weren’t so very strange to do so.

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  5. I think San knows more about other countries than Trump does!

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    1. I mean *Sam*. Sheesh!

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  6. This is great! You have found a worthy collaborator! Next, you and Sam could write a geography book. I would definitely read that.

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  7. How does he come up with this stuff? How do you think of doctors when you hear Germany?

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    1. germs maybe? I honestly don’t know.

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