Five years old and political……..

So Sam (the little geography scholar next door) and I were having a discussion about everything he finds interesting and the discussion wandered around between animals he loves (dinosaurs, guinea pigs, alligators and puppies), the people he admires (his pop-pop, his mom and Che Guevara) and somehow we ended up on politics and television.

Sam was quite happily telling me all about Che Guevara and how he ” brought nanas (bananas) to Oklahomer  on the back of a donkey” and the news came on the television.  Sam’s mom wasn’t quite fast enough to change the channel to Sesame Street and Sam began listening to the talking head at Faux news. Then Sam suddenly stood up and yelled “NUH HUH” at the TV. It seems he took exception to the reporter blaming Mr. Obama for some peccadillo going on in the Senate this morning. Sam yelled “Mister Bama is NICE you stupid man! He SINGS!”  Yes, it seems the height of being “nice” to Sam is the ability to sing in public.

I asked Sam if he had ever heard Mr Obama sing and he got all excited………he began telling me all the songs Mr. Obama sang and then started to sing them himself. Sam’s version of Ray Charles song “what’d I say?”

“Hey mama, don’t you tweet all wrong
lub your daddy not right now
not right now, hey hey hey hey

See the grill on a jaimoning
She knows how to shake that thing
All right now now now, hey hey, hey hey”

After Sam’s mom distracted him with a cookie we once again began with political people. I asked Sam “do you know who the presidnt is?”  and he said “Mr. Bama”..I hated to tell him he was wrong.  So I left that up to his mom to figure out.

I then asked, “and who is the vice president?”…And Sam said “BIG BIRD”……….

Somehow, I just couldn’t argue the point.

Here’s the Ray Charles song for those who don’t know it. I kind of like Sam’s version better.



12 thoughts on “Five years old and political……..

    1. yea, me too. I really wish he were 5 going on 35…maybe he could run for office. I’d be his campaign manager! lol

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  1. Big Bird? That’s hilarious! Well, he’s about as fake as Big Bird is, thats for sure. I’d like to give them all the big bird. 😏

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    1. Sam is a hoot! i took copious notes this time and didn’t have to pay for them…it just took a cheesecake for mom….lol

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      1. I’d tell you my life story for a cheesecake! 😃😃

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      2. oh lordie..where do I have to mail one then? lol

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      3. Hahaha! Not sure it’d be that exciting, but I’d be excited about that cheesecake. 😃👍🏻

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  2. I love this kid’s world and priorities. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. It’s hard to watch anything with Obama, I miss him too much! Yea Sam!

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  4. Yep, think I’ll vote Sam too. Though Obama did have quite a presence.

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