Let it Bleed challenge, Feb 7, 2018

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As I am sure you all know by now that I was an addiction counselor….no, I didn’t help people get an addiction! I helped them learn new ways of thinking and being so that they could begin overcoming their addictions.  I don’t take any credit for their recovery…I didn’t ‘cure” them or “save” them…I simply gave a helping hand and a lot of snark to them.

An addict doesn’t start out thinking “I am going to become addicted to this drug and screw up my life”…usually they are just out to “have fun” or “try to forget how sucky life is”…or they are just trying to fit in with whatever the crowd is doing. They can’t predict they will become addicted…not everyone does.

It still annoys me, quite frankly, that my siblings can drink until they are drunk and get up the next morning as if nothing ever happened and not want to get drunk again……I can’t do that. I do have one sib who is an addict…her drug is meth. I never did that…and no, I am not taking any pride in the fact that I haven’t.  I did enough bad stuff just by drinking.

It didn’t take much for me to get sober and stay that way…it only took getting thrown out of college, getting a tattoo,  submerging my brand new car into the Mississippi River, getting married to a total stranger, then having to divorce that total stranger and pay off that car that I lost…and figure out how to make a living since I had burned all my college bridges.

I am one of those to whom one drink is too many and a hundred are never enough. It took a while for me to learn the ways to stay sober…..and a bit longer for me to actually get my education so I could help others.

3 thoughts on “Let it Bleed challenge, Feb 7, 2018

  1. Thanks for participating Suze! 😇 Helping others is a great deed. Sometimes when I guide my friends how they should go about things in life, I feel that I should become a counselor too 🙈

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  2. I would simply say, “don’t be a ddict”, and hope it came across as funny–so much for my creativity in writing!


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