NO ART!?! Are they kidding me?

I am bewildered     by the high school curricula in our school district.  It seems to be slanted towards sports and technical classes for some reason. Now, I have nothing against tech classes…everyone should know how to use a computer, but it shouldn’t be the main focus of high school that it appears to be.

Back in the dark ages (when I attended high school) we had a curricula that was termed “classical”.  We had all the main courses of instruction, and then several that were more esoteric…things like art appreciation..or music theory….we had fine arts classes in sculpture and painting…..or musical instruments.

We had home economics, library sciences, metal shops, woodworking and automotive repair.

My grand daughter, who is a freshman takes the following classes:

Computer graphics

Computer languages


English Comp

US History

Geography, and finally

Computer keyboarding.


That’s three tech classes for Pete’s sake! I asked her this morning if she didn’t want to take an art or music class and she said “we don’t have art classes and the only music is marching band”. They don’t have art classes?  NO ART?

So, of course, I now have yet another bee in my bonnet to rage about.  I guess annoying my state senators and congressmen wasn’t enough, I now will be annoying the school board!




3 thoughts on “NO ART!?! Are they kidding me?

  1. Rage on, man. That’s such a shame. 😕

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  2. That’s terrible. Learning art and music helps enhance brain development, personal discipline, getting along with others, plenty o’ stuff. Todd Rundgren has a nonprofit called something like Spirit of Music which encourages music in schools.


  3. I agree. My senior grandson has an art class, yes here in old WY! He loves it. I haven’t seen him this excited about a class since drumming and soccer. Of course he has all the regular classes too. They do an AB schedule. One day it’s the A schedule, next day the B schedule to fit in all the needed classes.But try as you might, you will NEVER get them to stop the emphasis on sports, or the money. We were just talking about that last week, when the above mentioned GS said, here we go, as I (mentioned) that fact.😳🙄😂😂

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