This may completely shock some of my followers, and probably will bumfuzzle my friends……….but for the sake of confessing all faults in an effort to change I simply have to make a list of the things I tend to do that annoy others.

I babble.  Yes, Yes I do.  I can weave words together that make no bloody sense at all for hours at a time.

AND, I enjoy babbling.  I know that is hard to believe…I know it seems like such an insane thing to do and enjoy, but I do it and enjoy doing it much to the annoyance of beloved friends and family members. (see, I just did it there)

I have no sense of what is “adult” behavior.  No, I really don’t. I can fake being an adult …sometimes for hours at a time, but then I will inevitably become bored with adulting and act out. I prefer the behaviors of precocious five year olds instead.

Bounce that beach ball in Wally World to see if it really does bounce “sky high” as the labels all promise? Sure thing!

Test drive a bike in Toy’s R Us?  Why not? Drive the electric grocery cart as if I am in a bumper car?  of course!  Maybe it isn’t being childlike at all but an obsession with round things like balls and wheels? It is a possibility.

I talk back to the television………yes, I KNOW that annoys people.  I don’t just talk though…sometimes I yell. Not at a sporting event either…usually at the “news”. I find myself calling people on the news awful names complete with epithets.  I know……..ME! I never would have thought I’d be the kind of person who yells at the television…..but I do.

I make snarky remarks to………….the DOGS! And I encourage them to snark back at me!  It sometimes wakes up Poor George when the dogs and I get going.  Poor man….he works all night and tries to get some rest, then I will become bored and start annoying the dogs. It is never pretty.

I am a horrible person. (yes, that was sarcasm……………)

I am sarcastic. I know! That’s such a surprise to me too! Who would have EVER thought that Suze would use…gasp!….SARCASM???? yea.

Okay, I am now bored……….I wonder where the dogs are?


10 thoughts on “Confession…………..

  1. Oh Suze, I never would have guessed. You’ve always seemed so….well…normal.

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    1. I can see another lover of snark and sarcasm! Good for you my friend! rofl

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  2. You? Sarcastic? Not in a million. 😏😏

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      1. Don’t ever change that, by the way. Smartasses unite! 😃💪🏻

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  3. Welcome to my world…I love it!

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  4. Yanno, whatever works–enjoy it!

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  5. I find people who babble to be more exhausting than annoying. So what I typically do is ignore people who babble. And I have found that people who babble find my ignoring them to be very annoying. And so, when they become annoyed at me for ignoring their babbling, they stop babbling at me, at which point I stop ignoring them. It’s a win-win!

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    1. omg…I actually followed that! bravo!!!!!

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