Sam’s views on global climate change and other stuff……….

So, I spent a LOT of time asking Sam questions that adults would find daunting to answer…and I received some incredible insights into how we need to change the world…..all from Sam.

Sam, for those who haven’t been keeping up the events in Suziland, is the five year old grandson of my neighbor.  Sam’s mom is going to school here in town and her Mother cares for Sam during the day…when he isn’t at his preschool class making plans to change the world. I have been interviewing Sam.

I asked : “do you know about Climate Change?”

Sam:  “Yup”

Me:  Can you tell me what it is or what it does?

Sam :”Nope”

Me :Why not?”

Sam: “Cause it is scary and yer a granny and granny’s are old and have bad hurts (hearts??) and it’ll make you deader if I tell you abouts it”

Me:  “Make me deader?  Um, I’m willing to take a chance Sam. I need to learn about it”

Sam: “well, okay but I warmed ya.  it is when dinosaurs all get mushed by comets and tornadoes get bigger and  rain stops and deserts get real big. It makes bad stuff badder and the good stuff not get to happen. Like when butterflies go through town? they won’t cause their homes get broken from no rains..and I like the butterflies.”

Me: “does it do anything else?”

Sam: “yea. it makes icebergs. and you know what? I saw a iceberg and it was bigger than an elephant (according to Sam nothing is ever bigger than an elephant so that was HUGE)  and we were on a big boat and the iceberg was bigger and its gonna melt and everybody is gonna drownded”

I said “that is scary, Sam. But it won’t happen anytime soon”.

Sam just looked at me and shook his head.

I asked “what?”

Sam: “it’s gonna melt fast Miss Suze.  Cause it takes hot air to make stuff melt and last night Daddy saids Mr Drump is full of hot air and never shuts up. it’s gonna melt soon”


12 thoughts on “Sam’s views on global climate change and other stuff……….

  1. OMG!! just too danged funny!!

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    1. thought you’d like that!


  2. Ok, I LOVE this kid. Can I adopt him? 😃😃

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    1. i have first dibs on him…..

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  3. A very wise child, that Sam is! 🙂

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    1. Barbara, Sam is absolutely adorable and I seriously want to keep him! His parents won’t let me though.

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  4. Gaaaawd! I’m starting to love Sam.

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  5. This kid is way smarter than any Republican I can think of in office in the US. That’s both good and bad.

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  6. Mouahahahaha loooved this 🙂 More Sam, please!! xx

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  7. I love the way kids weave their own world of stories and make us believe them too.

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  8. LMAO, that was very funny 🙂

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