The best laid plans of mice and Suze………

I know I have been trying to simplify my life, but today’s sale was too good to pass up!

Yep. I didn’t quite plan for the purchase of almost 100 bucks worth of materials….BUT……..they were so gorgeous! and I can do so many things with them! And quilts….and more quilts!

I did however plan for two quilts, one pillow cover, and two pair of PJ pants……….I ended up with enough to make 2 pillow covers, 3 quilt tops, and just plain bought two pair of leggings (not PJ pants) for me and one for Angela…….. and I ‘saved” over 120 bucks cause everything was either on sale or I had a coupon! WOOT!

On the way to Stillwater (a good 75 miles away from Enid) Ang and I giggled and joked all the way there.  I did pull over once to take a picture of an oddball sort of fast food place that seems to serve Thai Tacos.  Yes, yes, I know….thai and tacos just don’t seem to go together, do they?

Thai Taco Loco sign

Well, it’s a crap picture, but there it is…proof that they eat thai tacos in stillwater!

We stopped at a truck stop on the way back home for lunch.  I know, but it is a restaurant shaped like a sailing ship inside and it had pirates! I swear! Best pulled pork barbeque I’ve had in a while…..

Then we were about to pass a giant robot so I pulled off the highway to take pictures….


I was impressed to see so many solar power farms on the way home. I love being able to have the sun and wind make my electricity for me…..

But I am pretty darned sure the very best part of today (besides the great sale and hanging out with Ang) was this………A GIANT CHICKEN!



13 thoughts on “The best laid plans of mice and Suze………

  1. There is very little that a nonkilled chicken can’t fix. They are my icon for everything lately.

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  2. sounds like a fun filled day! and all that stuff on sale, too! and pulled pork bbq, yummy. xxx

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  3. Oh my goodness I need that chicken ….

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    1. isn’t it wonderful? That is someone’s MAILBOX! I NEED a chicken!

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  4. Yay for getting great deals on the fabric! Sounds like fun time y’all had. Now, I want that giant chicken! 🙂

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  5. Great post i do like seeing other peoples lives

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  6. That chicken is awesome! 😃

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  7. That chicken is awesome! I think I have finally found my spirit animal.

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  8. I know, Suze! The one thing I can never resist is material. But then I never get round to using it, so of late I sit on my hands.
    Sounds like you had a fun trip, Thai tacos and all!

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    1. we didn’t get the thai tacos…they really are taco shells with thai food..and guacamole in them! GROSS!


      1. That actually sounds nice! I love mixing up cuisines. Makes my husband shiver in his shoes when I get into an experimenting mood.

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